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The Best Fried Pain

Testing one of the rants of a monkey could offer to public, is probably the a brief sculpture of words, describing a trash load of pain a mind could ever endure when breathing in herbs through some tunnel of stem fruit, and it hits you pretty sharp in the head. It doesn’t end there though, I do have a sharp memory of these things.

It was the last night of how a few monkeys and his friends, 12 of them if memory serves, drinking cheap wine, beers, Baileys and of course this inspiring herbs. I, being a fresh customer or passenger to this pathway to another dimension, decided to take one full cup of herb through this papaya stem, completely intoxicated before. The purpose of this post, is my brief description of what the whole experience, weakened me dearly.
As soon as I breathe heavily through this plant like tunnel like how a tornado would suck a town out dry, what came about was indeed the dramatic sound of white noises, accompanying the flashes of light consisting red, white and black flashing repeatedly. And with this imaginary force, comes an odd looking ship that bares the remorse feeling of havoc, panic and part deaf. There is no control of it unless you venture life in a dream sequence, or watch yourself become part of a wildlife never seen before in the public eye. Even a Zombie would be thankful to never feel that way, no matter how dead they may be.

Damn that papaya stem.

Environmentally, the room expands to some extend but your feet is the only reality here. Your mind and eyes may see nothing clear, your ears may not even hear the best of things. It generally is your feet, that is aware that a journey of 5 feet, would feel like a selfish 1 Kilometer walk just to the bed and to the toilet. Later as you may guess, a monkey like me suffers dearly when even feeding the toilet bowl with mixed acidic alcohol and probably undigested food, will not heal this mind into a straight line. A walk to any destination, simply feels like walking drunk on a treadmill in a speed of 6.5 km/h. There I was down on the bed, that soft cushion for what eventually led me into a complete shut down, waking up 2 hours later, aware that I was no longer this monkey, but a boring human only able to see night, food, and other human things to see.

Question really although I felt my brain was practically fried, it was a whole different new world while enduring that pain. I really think I would enjoy that path the next time it happens.

One thing is for sure, my memory better serve well when I ride with mushrooms as a vehicle.

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