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Prowess and Presence of sexual perversion as enhanced by dildos and donkeys.

If you ever visited Australia you would know that Club X is the leading franchise store in Adult entertainment. You can find anything and everything in store, and when I mean everything, I mean everything.

So what’s your fancy? Straight, homosexual, bisexual, bestiality, midget porn? Maybe you would like some sexual equipment to enhance your fantasies – a dildo maybe? What size would you like? They have sizes from 4 inches to 34 inches (in different shapes and colors). If your slightly more sexually adventurous you could choose from a wide array of products from horse whips, ball gags, anal beads, nipple clamps, scrotum clamps, douchebags, handcuffs, lubricants sold by the liter, and even bongs.

I’m not a regular visitor to Club X, nor was it my first time the other day. But it always seems to amaze me how risque some people become behind closed doors. You would imagine these individuals to have sick sense of consciousness, and portray them as some vile and odious character, and who remains a pariah to society, but really, I believe this is a naive thought.

I try to imagine that its the people you’d least expect. The reputable doctors, lawyers and politicians in society. Your friends, brother’s, sister’s, and even your parents may have some interest in unconventional sex. It all comes to the understanding of human individuality, where some express themselves with the types of clothes they wear, the genre of music they enjoy, and the career path they choose to pursue.

So what difference does it make if you enjoy gerbils crawling up your sphincter.

It makes you unique. And thats what each individual tries to be.

So next time your enjoying a cup of coffee with your best friend, playing golf with your boss, or enjoying dinner with your family, spice up your conversations, and just ask, “What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the bedroom” – and be prepared to learn something new (and most probably disturbing) things about your loved ones.

About Ariff Azmi

Founder of shriekingmonkeys - My interests span from quirky culture to anything that dares to amuse my highly-desensitized nature.

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