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Booze and McDonalds

This is Southbank, Melbourne, Mcdonalds at  four am in the morning. It doubles up as a garbage dump, community spew bucket and fight club (see video on my Facebook). It was ironically an appealing atmosphere, I’ve never seen Mcdonalds so dirty, repulsive, and uncomfortable before. The place was crowded with revelers from Eve club across the road, which brought in all the drunks into the restaurant who needed their big mac fix.

What was amusing in Mcdonalds, is noticing people’s facial reactions after they sobered up from their drunken haze and realise that the person they hooked up with was actually the most grotesque thing they have ever seen. It really shows how much a well lit room assists with beauty perception. So why do clubs really need to dim their lights to an almost visually impaired level?

Well I believe if it gets the general population of average, fat, and ugly people hooking up, then its a good thing. It gives the average joe/jane a chance to hook up with the hottest guy/girl in the club.

However my advice, is firstly, to realise how much you have drank, second, to always do double take, third, if you still can’t make your mind with the double take, talk to the person and bring them to a better lit area, and then make that decision to either run and scream, or invite them to the party in your pants.

I may sound superficial and naive, however, I’m a strong believer that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you should never judge a book by its cover, but I’m stating that that your perception of beauty becomes horribly altered when you’ve just finished that third jug of long island tea.

So beware and take care. And don’t be silly, cover your willy.

Here’s my facebook link if you wanna see some powerbombing action at Mcdonalds:

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