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Children’s Holy Book – A better reality?

Some books you buy for your kids, are just pretty much simple meaningless books, with hope that they would achieve better sense of grammar and develop a wide sense of vocabulary from this particular book. As eccentric as this may sound, I would like my future generation to have some sense of awareness in the basic form of wrong and right about life. Lets face it, even if you gave a complicated children’s book in hope for them to learn some morales from it, you would need to read it in order to actually guide your kids. Question is, what the fuck is the basic awareness of right and wrong your children want to know of?

I was scouting a lecturer’s Facebook picture albums and found one particular picture of a children’s book. Be prepared to have quite a shock of what is provided for the young eyes of our generation.

Sneak peak

The link for the full story of the content of the book, link :

Now for opinion sake, after reading most of the content provided by the link, I am interested in knowing your opinion if you would actually buy this book for your children. It’s bizzare but the idea must have consist some sense of rationale of why is that the author of this book decided its good for children. I believe its basic knowledge of awareness

Here is what I think about what a kid could, should and would learn from the outcome of reading this book, with proper guidance that is;

#Read only once you have read the book through the link I have sent you.

  • It would be tearful and negative for  any kids to endure watching parents argue but they would not feel alone if they read about these problems in a book to relate.  (page 2-4)
  • The first and obvious clue of what molestation is without a doubt utterly wrong. (Page 7 & 23)
  • Being uncertain of yourself growing up is normal and being able to put your ego down by seeing a therapist about self discovery path of yourself is not wrong either. (Page 12)
  • A black man as a therapist being able to help you out. It goes without saying, but you would be surprise of the encounter I have come with a few ignorant and arrogant people who has rejected professionals based on their race. (page 12 – 23)
  • If you don’t like being called names like ‘Faggot’, ‘Sissy’, ‘Queer’ and etc, they would have some sense that they wouldn’t pick on anyone the same way either. (Page 9)
  • There is no such thing as even though in any relationships even friendship, arguments would not happen as MUCH. Not never. (page 22)

That is the most amount of lesson I could think of  (lord knows there’s more seeing there are a few missing pages) that a kid could understand. Not in this long structured words, but its explainable for children. Overall I actually see this book as a positive outcome for children, with guidance of course. But I would not say it’s rather too much for a kid to endure. Unless of course, if you don’t share this positive reasons of the book and don’t consider yourself liberal enough to accept these lessons, I reckon you don’t buy the book then.

After sharing my views and expressing my positive welcome to the book, the only reason why I would not buy this book would be the price. Apparently according to my lecturer it’s very expensive. I have no idea or clue how much is expensive, but it is expensive. Fuck.

However I do admit that a child’s imagination is most vital and important to have and this sort of thing should never get in the way, but as caution and basic sense of right and wrong. What I believe in, at least.

Now, in your own comments, would you recommend this as a modern-day bible for your children after thoroughly referring to the book, and to my reasons why its positive.


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