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Diary of an Adrenaline Junkie

There was this phase of life, self discovering path in the age of 18 till the present time how perhaps the most ridiculous and mindless dangers you could ever put yourself into, is the same as breaking a cage open and watching yourself get away with it. I do admit, I am an actual compulsive adrenaline junkie, mindless to the bone of certain actions I have done and somewhat discovered the ultimate definition of what self determination would proceed greatly from the outcomes of  activities of an adrenaline junkie.

It wasn’t the way or an interest of what I did that could make me a man. It was just the simple saying ‘Lust for life’. You could be compulsive by being prim and proper, restrictions of sense or even set a few rules that closes many doors to an ultimate experience. But you know damn well, if you jump in a pool, forget the fact that you will get wet, You want to get wet. You don’t want to die and meet a generation of old people who sees you with no scars and no experience of struggle and hardship like they did. Fuck no! Its just humiliating.

This self proclaim rules I consider to be philosophical, is a whole different vanity and pride. It will shape you for what you are later on and it works. You could proudly stand on the edge of a cliff and breathe a part of the sky, that no one dared to breathe.

These self proclaim wise rules are:

  • You do not need fast cars or muscles to be one, just ambitious braincells.
  • Don’t exaggerate when you fear for the worst. The saying “its too good to be true”, it works both ways.
  • Break A leg
  • Confidence will only help you minimize the chances of breaking a bone or geting hurt. It doesn’t prevent it. Accepting that as a fact, will make you braver.
  • Life is like a cigarette, smoke it to the butt.  – Matthew Lewis, British Gothic Novelist
  • You should always consider ambitions the same as how a bird would consider freedom. Don’t be afraid to actually fly.
  • Always remember that words are not originated from courage, its actions that defines you as a person with courage and strong will.
  • Beauty is never permanent, it ages. Scars and bruises never ages. You’ll remember them.
  • Never believe that prevention is better than cure. You get hurt, scratches, you fall, you make mistakes, you bruise horribly. You learn your lesson, therefore Cure eventually leads to prevention.
  • The word ‘weird’ reflects truly on those who speaks and no actions.
  • He who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man. – Samuel Johnson, English Author
  • Ask yourself, would you rather tell your future generation a story of how you graduated like the rest of the millions did, or a story about a scar that only you as one person ever did.
  • You will only live life once. ONCE. Remember that
  • Accidents is very similar with the supernatural, it only happens if you really believe in it.
  • Ask yourself, do you really wanna spend the rest of you life, every minute of it, obeying and following rules?
  • Self doubt is the first wall you should jump over. Failing that, break it down.
  • Go ape shit. Apes climbs and jumps on tree’s and its way above from the ground. Go ape shit.
  • Muscles and appearance is never an armour.
  • Learn to laugh at your pain and mistakes, you would wanna feel it again.
  • If putting salt into wound helps out in the end, why not?

These rules are meant to be followed if your quest is seeking the ultimate definition of freedom where it basically beats the idea of reading ‘Freedom’ from the dictionary. You could purchase ‘Herbs Airlines’ at the back of your house that resembles a sign, “Danger! Parent zone nearby” and ride the thrill of getting away with it leaves you a story worth telling. Its a memory that does not involve appearance or the wonder of mind if it was wrong or right. Its the fun you have just experienced at that moment. Period.

Why not.

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