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All I want for Christmas is…

I want you tied up with a bow. And only a bow.

Another year has gone and past, and with Christmas tomorrow, it starts the countdown till we say good bye, and to some, good riddance to 2009. For this young writer, it has been about relocation, reformation and recalculations (especially in the relationship department). Looking back, the decisions that have been made in 2009 have been tough. However, it has been the smartest and most positive choice that has ever come across the writer. In summary, what has been learnt in 2009, is that:

“You have to give up some things, to gain other things in life”

It was a tough lesson learnt, but somehow provided greater opportunities and larger pathways in 2010. And for that, the writer is reminiscent, and feeling positive for the upcoming year, especially in improving in the writing department.

So, first on the new year’s resolution is: the Commitment to this blog, to provide interesting, quirky (and awesome ) articles and stories, every single day from January 1st.

So, Goodbye and Good riddance 2009.

And hello 2010. This is going to be one hell of a New year.

About Ariff Azmi

Founder of shriekingmonkeys - My interests span from quirky culture to anything that dares to amuse my highly-desensitized nature.

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