SHRIEKING AROUND TOWN – how we tell YOU about US

KUALA LUMPUR 30/01/2010: Five young adults have been seen vandalizing several public spaces around the Bukit Bintang area, pasting posters of a ‘shrieking monkey’ promoting weblog

The suspects are identified as one heavily tattooed Indian male, three dark brown Malay males, and one Siamese national. The suspects are believed to be armed with a brush and are allegedly ‘high’ on adrenaline.

Cangkat Bukit Bintang

Shriekingmonkeys does not believe in monetary currency, we do not, and are not, able to advertise in large media outlets (they don’t accept banana’s or fleas for payment). We have to result in vandalism – Or how we like to perceive as Guerilla marketing:

The concept of guerrilla marketing (GM) was invented as an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget. Typically, guerrilla marketing campaigns are unexpected and unconventional; potentially interactive;[1]and consumers are targeted in unexpected places.

I enjoy the spontaneities that spur out of guerrilla marketing, and what better way to express our blog is through this process.

How do you do it?

With the advent rise of social media such as Facebook, twitter, flickr and wordpress, it allows the concept of GM to expand. If you haven’t realised in the last weeks of so, I have been blatantly advertising this blog on all of  ya’ll’s Facebook and have included a group. (You may call spamming but I call GM).

Another example which has been a established tradition is street art – Graffiti

Our resident art editor likes to dabble in a bit of street art, so I called him the other night, and asked him about our little marketing issue, in which he provided an awesome solution.

“Yeah man, i’ll design some shiz, if you wanna lets go do some paste-ups aroundz kay-ellz in the hizzle dizzle wizzle tonight” ashed exclaimed.

“That sounds like a jolly good time navshed, I certainly would like to join you in your little adventure.” I replied.

ashed emails me the design (check our ‘about’ page) and upon seeing it, I started shrieking like a monkey. I called up editor Aizat. Z to let him know about our recent activities, in which he did not hesitate to join our misadventures.

The process of paste-ups follow four simple steps:

  1. Draw
  2. Print
  3. Make glue
  4. Paste

Where we went:

Electrical box @Cangkat BB

We handed our first poster to the guys at Palate Palette, (Iforgotyourname) seemed sincere that he liked our artwork and said he’ll put somewhere around the restaurant (probably the bin). But we headed outside Radius international and we found this raggedy looking electrical box. However, we realised that there so many people out that night everyone can blatantly see what we’re doing – which is illegal.

But this is that part that separates between a group of boys – With a group of boys WHO HAVE BALLS. We decided to just to do it straight up then and there. To our amazement, in that duration of one minute to slap on the poster, we had bystanders watching us do such a deed – But could not care less. The attention we drew by doing this – drew attention to the artwork. Success.

Firehose@Sungei wang

Drenched in perspiration and hyped on adrenaline, we made our way towards to the main street of Bukit Bintang, our heads pondering our next location. There were hoards of people in BB on Saturday night, which means a lot of Po Po. However, we decided to head to the monorail, where we found the lift lobby at Sungei Wang. We scoured the area for any security cameras which to our advantage had none (great planning SW management). This was quick work, it was around 12am at this point – no bystanders, but we got out quick, and headed towards the walkway towards to LOT 10 shopping centre.

We headed up to the rooftop of LOT 10 where Rootz nightclub was situated, in mind that the place served heavy traffic with the amount of people who like the overrated joint. The place was jammed packed, and the line entering the joint looked painfully long. Security guards, bouncers, and police officers – No go.

“Where else can we go?” collectively we thought.

Lightbulb on.

We went to the carpark.

Clubbers drive to clubs. Clubbers need to park their car. Clubbers need to pay their parking ticket.

We did it in 15 seconds flat. (Round of applause for ashed please)

We eventually made our way to Bintang walk just outside Lot 10, and proceeded our way to Pavilion – We pasted another one outside a prominent Italian restaurant on the walk just outside Dome (look out for it)

Lot 10 parking lot

We assessed the area within Pavilion however there were too many cameras, too many people, and too many Law enforcement officers. So we decided to conclude our night, and have a nice cold one.

To concur, here @ shriekingmonkeys we do not do what we do here, in the perception to gain monetary benefits.

We do this for the sake of Fun, and we take our Fun seriously.

Why we are mediating largely, is because we want more readers to visit our blog – To fuel our adrenaline to be creative, to excite our fellow peers with our rantings and opinions.

(And also to inflate our Ego)

Our goal is to increase our readership, and our happiness comes if you come read our blog.

Because to us, if we make you laugh,think,cry,ponder,debate and just to read our material:

That to us @ shreikingmonkeys is worth way more than money

So spread the word – Love us or Hate Us –

thanks to: Chip (Apie) for helping out and using his house to cook the glue, and Alip (Kamai) for another helping hand



What do you call Home? Is it the place that you reside in, or the place that you find the most comfort? Whatever it is, sometimes we take Home for granted, we forget that the essence of a Home is where we find our contentment, inspirations and utmost happiness.

Its a place that you go to see the faces that you care for (and even love) and a place that you can relax and care not of the reality of the world. Each person should always remember that – Home is where the Heart is.

(Thus,  You should always be thankful for what you have.) – But this is the basis of my misunderstanding:

Why, the young adult Singaporean, do you take home Club for granted?

home is where my heart is.

It was Friday night, shriekingmonkeys rode down South to Singapore to see how our Islander neighbors party. We were greeted by our Singaporean counterpart RJ, who detested the superficiality of the main area of Clark quay.

“I’ll take you where the real party at” exclaims RJ.

We trotted past the bright lights and glamour of Clark Quay, passing the wails of foreigners being flung up into the sky on the bungee ball, across the river were the roaring sounds of drums accompanying a large crowd watching a Lion dance show for Chinese New Year.

Upon reaching home, we were greeted by the dulled music of Phoenix being played inside, as a morbid fan of the french band, I started getting excited. There were about forty people of small groups of young adults sitting outside having a drink, but upon entering the club, we were greeted by emptiness of physical being, but the extent of fullness of the Kooks being played.

random, but cool.

The drinks were cheap (A bottle of vodka is about $100, and champange $120) and the playlist kept on putting me in awe.

The electro remixes of The Cure, The Smiths, The xx, Gossip, The Ting Tings, MGMT, Magic numbers, Sigur Ros, Yeah Yeah Yeahs(If I could remember I would list everything, but by this point, I was wasted Chigga!) – kept the atmosphere alive that night, even though there was probably only fifteen people inside the club.

I was amazed and appalled by the turn-out of this prize winning club – It frames itself as an ‘underground’/indie club, but where are all the underground/indie kids?

entry doorz

“Its pretty fucking empty most nights man, the last time I saw the place packed is when they hold events, even that it won’t get as packed as Barsonic (zouk) in KL.” RJ explained.

Trying not to gawk, I reiterated that it would be a waste if a club like home we’re to fail because of the lack of customers. People in KL crave for what home has to offer – Great music, cheap drinks, friendly staff, and awesome set up.

So why does no one go?

I strongly disbelief that Singaporeans are musically retarded. You have the blessings that great international acts coming to your shores, minus the Killers (pussy’s). However, I do understand that most Singaporeans would go to Zirca or Zouk or other clubs in the Clark quay for a night out – I plead and completely suggest that you should give this cozy and intimate club a time of your day/night.

To put it simply : It is fun

So remember Home is where the heart is, so why not adopt another one, and put your heart at home

"small, but with CHARACTER" - Nik Johann, happy,happy Malaysian customer.

happy bunch of monkeys

Bloody Karma

Look up upon the sky,

It’s like you never try.

Far it may seem,

It is, what we dream.

Perfection is thy reflection,

Blood is not without affection,

Shattered by unjust deception.

Words thy speak pierce backs,

As God is just, shall He break their backs.

Truth is Almighty, God is He.

In him we trust.

Karma is a bitch

Water and Blood

(photo by ~curi0us-bLasphemy)

Blood is thicker than water.

There is an assumption is that the bond of those related by blood is stronger than the bond of friendship or marriage.

One of the earliest sources to this so called ‘truth’ and understanding is seen in the medieval German beast epic by Heinrich der Glichezare – His works when translated into English is understood as: Kinblood is not spoiled by water.

Even so, I stand strong on my point that this superficial belief that blood relation is always thicker or so called more important than those of none, is nothing close to a sunny disposition.

Is blood really thicker than water? Scientifically, yes. It is said that healthy blood does not float; therefore it is heavier than water. Question is, what if the blood is so called ‘unhealthy’ to begin with, or rots away day by day?

An adult human body is made up from 60-75% water, while the brain is 80% water. Blood, about 90% water. Evidently, water carries life energy in human beings.

Simple to say that water is your lifeline. Even blood depends on water.

Blood is not necessarily always at the top of the hierarchy. I believe the meaning of ‘blood’ has to be more than simply biological. It comes with the emotional dependency as well as physical dependency.

Clear cut, adopted children as well as step-children, they are considered family and share the same rights.

A family is not just by blood

‘Blood’ relation is created through emotional support, where each member of the family feels the tie through love, care and understanding. Superficiality is evident in today’s families.

Families tend to implode, simply because the bonds created become too intense. Trust, love and honesty in families just simply do not float on the same boat. There is always pressure within the family, to adhere to the norms. However, each individual develops and grows with individual personalities, which may or may not be accepted as a norm.

Conflict. Break point.

Other relatives (uncles, aunts, cousins) usually comes into the frame and drops turd and scum everywhere which taints family relations.

In a family, it is amazing how at one point when all is dandy, everyone is one and united. When shit stirs; fingers start pointing, mouth start gossiping, and trust, love and honesty is nothing but a joke.

Lies. Deceit. Betrayal.

It all comes down to life experiences that either attaches or detaches someone from family ties.

With so much Love, can Hate be present?

Im not racist I hate everyone equally.

What a Colorful Group

Some of us are lucky enough to have fond memories of Mind Your Language (It was something my parents use to watch from time to time when I was younger), or better yet, you can grab the DVD set at some shops. That classic 70’s British sitcom is all about the humour in cultural stereotypes. I don’t know what happened to that show, or why it never gained much more popularity, or why no one seems to miss it (except me).

But I bet you the world got too complicated and too politically correct for it anyway. A simple show like that simply couldn’t keep up with the chaos that 21st century entertainment was about to bring.

If only we still lived in a time and place where people found humour, and entertainment in racial stereotypes, because it sure is a whole lot better than finding hate and discrimination.

There’s nothing better than joking (harmlessly and positively) about your kia siew Chinese neighbor, or your Indian neighbor who always comes home stinking of whiskey (always drives home somehow), or that Malay guy who just sits smoking cigarettes, and plays guitar all day.

It makes us human (not always a good thing) and gives us character, and it doesn’t leave anyone out. Sure, they’re horrible generalizations, but we know that. We are well aware that not all Malays are lazy, not all Indians drink their livers to failure, and of course not all Chinese people are stingy. Stereotypes don’t come out of no where, they’re observations that have been made over time, and are hilarious!

(Some people might say I’m racist for laughing at a (insert any foreign land here) music’s video, if that qualifies me as a “racist”, then everyone on earth is racist.)

A wise comedian once said:

“I don’t make stereotypes, i see them” – Russell Peters.

Horizons of Retribution

The Silence of the night

Takes my vision through hindsight.

The Bells of Glory lures my hand

And steers me away.

We are the Children of Chance

The Stars, Dreams, and Alluring romance

What are we, and what am I?

I’m just a question of Imagination

A hopeless soul trapped in a Being

Stuck in senseless reality,

The Sun, the Moon, and the Sky so Blue,

Why am I here, and why are You too?

“Understand this Mankind”

Do you really understand this reality that you ponder?

Justice is made, and surreality is preserved,

Just you wait young man,

Because reality is plain absurd.

(Artwork: kienzan)


100% Indo - Asik!

Anomali Coffee in South Jakarta is a premier joint to visit for coffee connoisseurs who would like to try a variety of local beans harvested around the Islands of Indonesia. They specialize in only Indonesian coffee beans, and strive to promote the uniqueness and richness of Indonesian coffee and present their motto to ‘Support our Local Coffee’.

Fuck Starbucks.

As you step inside the cafe, you are welcomed by the warm allure of freshly roasted coffee, the feeling of sophistication of a ‘authentic’ coffee shop that is reminiscent of those found in Melbourne, San Francisco, and London.

What is unique of the cafe as I reinstate, is that the coffee is locally produced, and 100% Indonesian. So you are treated to the best coffee beans in the world. The prices are shockingly affordable, and they are smoker friendly (as of the rest of Indonesia – which is awesome!)

However, what caught this writers eye, was the most expensive coffee that they serve – Kopi Luwak.

Hit the wikipedia link above for more detail of how the actually they process the coffee, I will just put a by step by step summary, on how Kopi Luwak is produced:

  1. Coffee berries spread around the ground.
  2. Hungry squirrel/weasel roams around for food. Discovers Berries (hooray!). And gobbles away.
  3. Digestion happens. The beans remain undigested, but the berries are enriched by the animals bowels.
  4. It shits it out.
  5. The coffee beans are collected, rigorously washed and sun dried (Killing any possibilities of poo bacteria such as e.coli).

I’m still pretty sure that most readers are still thinking “That sounds cool, but why the fuck would I drink squirrel shit?” Well my friends, it seems that a lot of people do, in a research found in the book “The Gospel According to Starbucks” it reveals:

Kopi Luwak was the most expensive coffee in the world, selling for between $100 and $600 USD per pound, and is sold mainly in Japan and the United States by weight, and served in coffeehouses in Southeast Asia by the cup.


Examples of selling by the cup:

One small cafe, the Heritage Tea Rooms, in the hills outside Townsville in Queensland, Australia, has Kopi Luwak coffee on the menu at A$50.00 (=US$33.00) per cup, selling approximately seven cups a week, which has gained nationwide Australian and international press, creating over $5 Million AUD of media attention for this rare coffee.[3] In April 2008, the brasserie of Peter Jones department store in London’s Sloane Square started selling a blend of Kopi Luwak peanut and Blue Mountain called Caffe Raro for £50 (=US$99.00) a cup.[4]

This is the Shit! (literally)

It was 100,000 Rupiah or 30 malaysian Ringgit for a cup of coffee. But I paid for it.

I have to say that my background with understanding and tasting coffee is zilch. I enjoy and prefer my 3 in 1 Nescafe, than any frappe latte or berrylicious espresso. However, I rely on my tongue to judge to what tastes good – and my taste buds were invigorated with such richness that was not experienced by any coffee I had consumed before.

It felt like these squirrels shat out a little piece of heaven on my tongue.

And Put Simply, It was delicious. And if I had mo’ money’s I would’ve bought another cup.

(In a relevant moral statement, is that you should always open your boundaries to new things – even if it is drinking squirrel shit, because you learn a unique perspective on new and old things, and you invigorate all your senses by trying something Different)

Thank you, Anomali Coffee for enriching my experiences, and I hope all the best with your operations, I strongly believe that your joint has to be one of the best cafes I’ve ever been to, and the most memorable. And to our beautiful tour guides, Anggra and Mila for taking us there.

Expect a visit from me again to your cafe next time I pay a visit to Jakarta. Its a Beautiful Place.

Happy Customers.