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First Decade in the Second Millenium

There were just these 3 bunches of  monkeys with swollen minds, heavily injured by the dreaded treatment of what the year 2009 has provided them. It starts with a night of C.O.D modern warfare but heavily disappointed of not being able to purchase yourself an imaginary flight to freedom later that night, which eventually led to driving home with this feel of ever lasting pause of time. Pretty dangerous mistake to be doing when you’re emotionally upset. Just remember, when you get rejected by some friends in a ridiculous amount, do not resort into calming yourself down unless you know you can. If you are going to be pissed off, don’t fucking hesitate but to inhale those herbs that would eventually sooth you down. At least your worries are over and depression is kicked off from this standby feeling. It’s not relying on it, trust me. If people say it is, it’s usually from anti drug bunch who overstates and over-evaluates the capabilities of certain stuff.

The next day was fulfilling wish of seeing the love of your life at the very last day. A promised plan canceled the night before eventually succeeded the next day by just relaxing in the playground accompanied by the pale moonlight shining in our obvious smiley faces cause by this love of my life, those fucking damn herbs.

After certain evaluation of clouds with oddly shapes and freaky returned winks that till today, I am not too sure if the winks were my imagination or the clouds really did wink back due to wind blowing a piece of cloud covering the eyes of the face shaped by these clouds (I’m sure it happens to most clouds so therefore returned winks are plausible). It was pretty much a perfect idea of how to spend a new years eve, where 3 monkeys with completely different personality but yet similar to one another, has the passion to just talk and express rants about people with their lies and even bitch about our own lies and perhaps, 2010 may help shape us better into becoming better blokes in the future. It was a beautiful night to end, with a BBQ supper with another different form of humans, where a ranting ape like myself  found it awfully hard to be myself, so I started my 2010 completely bored off my life with a few laughs here and there.

I am still this  ranting self-righteous ape that rants about almost anything but apparently I have a humorous side that the common finds different.  Honestly, if there was more of you in that playground, it would have been paradise. A great way to end the dreadful torturous 2009. Most people apparently felt like a lab rat of a mad scientist that 2009 has often soaked us with its experiment of poison and self conflicted minds. Perhaps, 2009 has made me realize the few bunch of apes who could still laugh and tolerate the shit that monkeys like me do, I love them all. This is the longest Happy new year wish and evaluation of the last day of 2009. It ended well, good riddance 2009 and peace be upon you 2010.

First post of 2010, First mess of 2010, First sloppy job of 2010, First self-evaluation of 2010. I have a thing for first. First people to die in 2010 are yet to be listed. You are a complete dumb fuck to say many celebrities died 2009 so therefore it was a bad year,  you are fucked. Shallow minds obviously would get shallow justice of a year.

Happy New year all. Make love to 2010 and if it pushes us, molest it.

Boys will be boys. Happy New year =)

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