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Inner depth of Avatar(2009)

These blue people are just like us, monkeys jumping about on a tree to another. Of course it would be rather vain to realistically think that I or anyone for that matter could do the same as their interpretation of jumping about. But we are monkeys as well because our minds are able to jump on one wisdom branch to another and we’ll explore this cursed yet blessed jungle we live in. This is not a review of professionalism applied,  just a personal review in-depth thought of Avatar. Lets just pretend its real for now.

The story that is told widely in the big screen has basically developed some thinking about natives and the importance of their culture and beliefs. The spiritual part of it has set Avatar fans to a craze manic sense towards nature and animals in general of how interesting people would be able to connect well without any sense of technology required to impress what majority would call, civilization or modernization.

Of course if you do not have a sense of imagination and such ambition minds to feel that the movie is not logical to you, then perhaps you don’t exactly have an art sense in you of literature, that could easily justify the basic human morals.

Don’t you wish you could see the biggest tree you could ever lay eyes on? Don’t you wish you could fall far from the sky knowing that nature itself with enormously huge leaves would be able to protect and soften your fall to the ground? Their animal sacrifice beats any religious sacrifice needed that we portrayed widely in our animal slaughtering. It  is  somewhat similar but once they apply a kill to the jungle creatures their prayers are somewhat very respectful towards the dead. These Navi’s who wishes their soul well when ending their lives and for the dead of their own, its beautiful when it is mentioned that energy is borrowed, and when you die it is the time to give it back.

It is not the fact that everyone after watching ‘Avatar” that says they want to be one, it’s the fact that the full knowledge and understanding capabilities of their ways fully convinces us that we want to be them.

The beauty of bonding with animals, being able to think and travel this self-righteous path with a pet whom  you can love and cherish, is probably what I dream of having. It is to being able to listen to its heartbeat, the explored journey of its personality, and so does this animal towards you. It’s beautiful. You know what else makes love so beautiful, the existence of a beautiful warrior who would risk breaking a typical Navi rule for you, for Love


I could ONLY love you.

It is that sudden quote when she defends your pride, dignity and yet be independent at the same time would basically catch yourself in saying with enthusiast, “Now that is a girlfriend, that is a soul mate I have been searching all this while”. Call me cliché and perhaps disturbing for this grand fondness of blue fictional creatures but I believe this world is far more peaceful and beautiful than a human could ever learn to endure.

What makes this a masterpiece would probably be the concept of how 3D is provided to help us enter this somewhat teaser portal to have some taste of how the view is great on the other side without smelling it, feeling it and actually experiencing it.

I guess I am a sucker for independent female characters (which isnt much of a surprise if it is by James Cameron) doing all the rescuing, basically doing everything that a man would be able to do. An obvious sign that men and women are generally the same. However, other than this discreet but yet thinking out loud great fond of Neytiri.

I do love the idea of how they are spiritually connected to the nature itself to answer your prayers. It is a whole different type of hope. Their god is real. The best thing is, in that whole planet everyone believes in the same god.

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