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One one two ten

Let MJ dazzle your BO

Welcome to the year two thousand and ten, where renewed hopes and dreams of happiness, prosperity and even love, shine like the New years day sunrise. This festive season influences most people to feel reborn and cleansed from the dramas of the year past, and to reinvent themselves, take new opportunities and directions for the year ahead, and try new and exciting things. There are different ways that  one can take a new perspective on life for the new year, you could try a new hairstyle, start exercising, go skydiving, find a new lover (or lovers), or wrestle a koala. You could even smell different, maybe you would want to smell like the recently departed King of Pop.

Herald Sun reports:

“IF you loved Michael Jackson’s music, now you can wear the king of pop’s fragrance – thanks to a perfume that has been made using DNA samples from his hair.

A Los Angeles-based company called My DNA Fragrance claims to engineer scents from human genetic codes.

The firm recently joined forces with John Reznikoff, who has the world’s largest collection of historical hair, including some of the late singer’s.”

..Well maybe smelling like a dead celebrity isn’t a good way to start a new year, but whatever floats your boat. I’ve ordered a years supply.

Happy New Year Monkeys. Hope this year will be Bananas – B -A -N -A-N-A-S.

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