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Poetry – Queen of hearts in October

In the early month my eyes were set free,
You are a young bird experiencing first flight,
I’ve known you for quite sometime,
That puff of yours that was a view reborn,

Your laughter from my words that tickled you,
Was a way paying my debt for admiring your smile,
My wage is to dream about our romance,
But dreaming was never easy as in mind,
When you are the company in my waking hours,

My hands are your bucket of tears,
As your lips are my energy pills,
I noticed your charm when I’m around,
Supposed to munch but hunger was more to you,
For you are the end of my rainbow’s side,

The rubber bracelet choking your elbow’s neck,
To see you hurt is a magnet to my worries,
Flashes of memory came by to hurt,
Remembering your love was picked up by another,
Like a hunter stealing the life of an animals cub,

While happiness eventually found me again,
Laughter was conversing with herbs in between,
Imagining our next meeting directors cut,
Romancing the stones of Standby for 7 days,
Like wishing a star falling for me,

To think of rhymes for what guardians gave,
Like a conqueror searching to name,
To Discreet the obvious from an acoustic soul,
But yet to put the seed of curiosity for you,
Our voices were mixed to put on a show,

I see in the sky that clouds are passing by,
To seek and receive word that you too are looking,
Like holding up high kings and queens of hearts,
Knowing that we’re two of a kind on the table,
In hopeful agreement we’re the best hand,

I send a scroll to you once and again,
only to hope that a scroll will be returned.

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