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Air Asia: A fine example of a pure Love/Hate relationship

I've always wondered what stewards do when we sleep. I guess their human beings after all

Tony Fernandes has made an everlasting impact on the aviation industry. Especially in a Malaysian perspective, he has propelled a local brand to the global stage, and has created a vivid and exciting image about relatively small, yet expansive country called Malaysia.

He has brought travel affordable to the general population, and you could go as far as saying that he has brought the world closer together by doing this. Airasia prides itself on its image to be economically efficient, and they go as far and wide by establishing a Low Cost Airport Terminal, Low Cost Hotel, and Low Cost Airline Services.

But what this evidently means, comes with the saying that “you get what you pay for”. Which means – by paying for something at an awesomely low price, means a lower quality product and value.

We, the customers, understand this, and we grit and push our patience to a zen like state when dealing with the quality of the product.

Its because we salivate when we see a ticket to Bali for RM10, and we’re all scrooges. But who isn’t in this economy? Especially Malaysians (and our kiasu neighbours Singapore)

But, in the process of checking into a flight, boarding, and sitting on the plane. We sense feelings of dejection by harsh feelings that:

“Air.Asia. Is. The. Shittiest. Of. Shit. Airlines. EVER.”

There are many complaints, and my assumption is that Airasia outsources their complaint department to China, since the lack of manpower in Malaysia to handle such volume.

Here are my top five grievances (in no order):

1. THE SEAT DOES NOT RECLINE – sliding your butt forward does not count as reclining, get that in your head AIRASIA

2. FLIGHT SCHEDULES CAN CHANGE AT A RANDOM – your flight is at 1:30pm, you arrive on time, have a bite a Mcdonalds, enter the boarding lounge, and watching your plane fly way, oops, they decided to go at 1:15pm instead. You lose.

3. LCCT  TERMINAL – Is this an airport or a bus terminal?

4. FEMALE STEWARDS OUTFITS – Ok. This is actually a plus point. Good Job Tony.

5. BUTT RECLINING SEATS – I reinstate. Moving your butt forward, does not count as reclining. Moving your back backwards – RECLINING.

I’m pretty sure that everyone else has their own personal gripe with Airasia, but we are powerless to escape its grip, because of their powerful lure to our thriftiness of cheap fares and the fact they serve instant maggie mee noodles inflight.

So we put up, with butt reclining chairs, and horribly cramped leg room (don’t get me started with this situation on long Haul Airasia X flights).

So thank you AirAsia, you are like a nagging mother, who is irritating all the time, but we are forced to love because of our love of being Jewish thrifty.

Now everyone can fly! Muhahaha!


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