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Monkey See, Monkey Do

I guess the devil has some sense of advantage of not just providing temptations to the human form, but mainly to blind us from the human morales that us human so often speak of and preach in their very own interpretation of religion. Technology is pretty much a way for us to discover the path of knowledge, a spell to gain knowledge as fast as you want. Yes, a monkey like me would be pretty much ranting about the true missing link that just slip away from our very own eyes right under our noses. It’s ironic or rather hypocritical of such walking zombies, even like myself I do admit, I am a slave to the world of Facebook and the greatness of spreading love and messages through the internet. Thats the fucking difference, I try to use what has been showered humbly upon us which is this great technology and put it into good use and try to at least convince a few people on what and where this point of mine would drive its journey to the main destination of everything

Simple question that maybe predictable; Don’t you think writing love letters to a lover and waiting for the reply would most probably take around a month or 2 perhaps, somewhat sounds more romantic? Declare this futile or insignificant concept to the world now but it is a serious question. The anxious wait you would go through for waiting a reply from some lover, safe to say it may have built a great patience among many individuals, not only because they HAD to but also because words and simple human morales at the time shined like an obvious limelight. I would imagine the cliché words of “I love you” became cliché because it was easy to respond easily and punctually due to SMS, emails and many other fast service of the world today. But back then, a simple sentence like “Yours always, I truly love you” in a letter that you have waited for about a month or so, would probably build your rainbow above your head, a happiness that we modern creatures may never learn to understand or experience.

Aside from the romance side of how fast service of technology, it has become somewhat a subconscious blindfold that basically blinds many of what we believe the great life, into an ignorant sense of morality. Our addiction has turned us into robots when our addiction should be creating the beast of ourselves to finally narrow our mistakes down into a good path of the great mind. The heartless businessman and the wealthy unkind politician could easily sip every drop of your wine from a phone call away. What fucking justice is that? Our mobile phones have cast a spell on most individuals like us with many conflicts of to reply or not to reply, To call or not to call. There’s no excuse. There’s no going back.

This is not a plain ranting from a monkey’s self-righteous views of technology, of course there is benefits but it is somewhat sad that most has lost the idea of planning ahead. If it takes a very hard time to contact work colleagues, you might as well suggest to finish off your work first, just incase so that even though the meeting would be late, your work is ready and set to be displayed. Of course that should be applied now nevertheless but question yourself, how many of acquaintances actually have great patience, human morales and somewhat a literate mind.

Never read this book. It is a good picture

Take into account that this monkey rants are nothing much about being against the futuristic supply of what the world is giving to us now. It is just the unwilling submission of our ethics and concepts that have made us completely vulnerable and somewhat fragile to the unkind ways of being a horrendous monster. Perhaps monster is the greatest way of guiding us to a great knowledge and wisdom of hardship and patience. Perhaps.

We have all basically led our desperation for many of our needs, with the help of an automatic voice appeal to our senses. Do not misunderstand this particular shriek, futuristic equipment of today has extended the life span of us homo sapiens in many ways and perhaps living up to 90 would be considered to be young. We can all also agree in popular demand that surgeons provide to cast the spell on many of us to learn that we can break the spell of aging.

But mentally, we could also conclude our point of insanity has taken the best out of us due to these equipment that favour our careers or might I say, lead our lives to a point that if we do not kneel to them, they will destroy us one day. You could find yourself driving in a long and winding road only to find that it is just your mind travelling towards a long and winding insanity of our human conscience.

What are we to do. Fuck. What are we to do.

Imagine that slowly our species has lost its rational sense of dignity and pride. Our children are born one fine day and so forth to their children and their children’s children, would they live to know what poetry is? The patience of learning to love and write. The existance of pencils and pen would seem to appear as fossils to them by then. The beauty of just, learning to let go, a possible emotion going lost only experienced as a toddler perhaps.

I could count the remaining days that no wonder sometimes Judgement day should happen. I am going overboard here but the point stands, technology in many ways has worn out the humans ability of being more patient, appreciate true meaning of simple words and simplicity, loyalty perhaps was more bestowed among us all with some great sense of pride and dignity. Imagine all that missing one fine day and desperately searching a lost and found section for it. Despicable thought.

It may only be that reason of how our emotions can be defeated, but what if that is the only thing that makes us perfect.

Heaven and Hell exist only in planet earth, where perhaps ironically heaven allows us to do anything we want based on desire and Hell redeems by punishing them to teach people a lesson.

Arguable this would most likely be, but it is a thought. Monkeys like us would just go insane having to blend into this new world of establishment.

Throw a banana to us one day and it would suffice. That wouldn’t be fulfilling.

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