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Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, share a common belief, that there is the one Almighty God. However, people sometimes get confused with this fact, that, if each one of them believe in one God distinctively, that means there are three gods. The maths doesn’t add up. Well, these three Abrahamic religions, came at different time periods in history, where, Judaism was the first. (Followed by Christianity and Islam).

They believe in similar moral values, share the same stories, honor the same prophets, and share their faith in God. As they came from different periods of history, their Holy Books can be compared to be an upgrade of each other. Where the Torah was the original scripture, which was then updated into the Bible, and finally perfected in the Koran. However, through the evolvement of these books, much of the interpretation and retelling of the stories changed with the process. Most probably, because the books was written in such poetic form, there could not be an objective way to describe it.

Also another is issue of translation, because of the spread of religion across the world, the books were translated from their original language to the language of that country, it manifests different interpretation of the stories and what they call the Almighty. The translation of Allah, Eloh, Goezur, Dieu, Dio,Deus,Gott,Eliah,and Tuhan – in English is God (and vice versa).

So why Malaysia, are you so lost in translation?

Abraham/Ibrahim - Same Prophet. Three religions. One God.

For those who have been living under a rock for the last week or so.

A Letter to the PM from a concerned citizen.–stephanie-sta-maria-

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2 responses to “ALLAH

  1. Nia

    I think the word God’s been misused way too much. Say “God” in the Muslim sense and tell me you don’t see Saudi? And then you see a cross and a statue of Jesus… Spirituality’s about those things we can’t express through words and we’re here all lost in meaningless identities

  2. Amir ⋅

    As a muslim, I’m completely ok with the writer. We all must knom there’s an enemy out there, who tries to beat any religion that worships god.

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