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Small rides, big hearts

ariffjunior for Malay Mail:


PETALING JAYA: Motorcycle gangs often have a bad image, but scooter club Total 35 GTR Youth Scooter Crew (GYSC) is out to change that by performing charitable deeds for the community.

GYSC is a club where members ride on the Ritz and Naza scooters. Their activities involve helping the elderly and the disabled with chores, cleaning up the streets, playing with orphans and collecting donations for charitable causes.

The club was established last October with 140 members. GYSC chairman Dini Affero Kamaruddin said it was formed as an outlet for people who want to do good deeds.

“We enjoy riding on our scooters and having fun. We do that by finding people who need help. It is most fulfilling and enjoyable to see people happy. We are doing our part to give back to the community.”

The club’s motive is to promote the principles of goodwill and discourage immoral activities like illegal racing, drug and alcohol abuse.

GYSC has branches in Johor Baru and Pahang, it organises inter-state charity cruises where they join other state branches to collaborate on bigger community projects.

A notable achievement was their charity convoy in last July which was endorsed by Naza general manager Nik Danial. The convoy rode for seven hours to Rumah Sri Kenangan in Taiping, Perak, where they spent the weekend to help out.

Currently, GYSC is cruising around Setapak and Danau Kota to help the local community.

“We are all about having a good time. But we are serious in our charity work.”


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