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Plot for ‘Everybody is a boss’

A young lady name Irene enjoying her wonderful meal in a mamak shop, expressing her in depth view of how everyone including every customer and waiters are equally identified as “Boss!”. After placing her order, she tells the stories of her nearby customers. Among them would be conversations between a businessman and the mamak waiter whom she has catergoized under ‘The Boss VS the Boss’ and another social interaction between two teenagers and the waiter. After her analysis, she then realizes it would be somewhat a better place and persona for mamak waiters to be identified by names instead of the typical ‘Boss’ calling term. However, she then learns that mamak’s very own ‘Boss’ syndrome is inevitable and realizes it is planted in the personality of Malaysian’s very own mamak.

A possibly mentality of Irene. Hot.


One response to “Plot for ‘Everybody is a boss’

  1. adz2 ⋅

    I understand the conundrum of this situation. But consider this – the “International Salute to Guards”. Any apartment building, financial institution or any institution for that matter, breaking and entering seems too difficult, just wave to the pak cik guard, strut like you own the place and voila! simple as pie innit =) If you call him Boss, he’ll even open the door and wipe your ass if you like

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