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I planted a tree.

This was my final assignment for my Radio and Television unit last semester (which I aced bitches!). We decided to follow on this story as we thought it was a noteworthy, newsworthy and a noble cause towards the conservation of the habitat, and for the Regent Honey Eater (a bird). It was a great experience and we met some interesting hippies conservationists, and even helped out to plant trees.

I even had lunch with a koala bear named Steve, we had endless conversations about various issues. I must highlight that he was extremely concerned with the the spread of chlamydia and AIDS within his community called the Kingston Koala Kommunity (KKK) . He even gave me the lowdown on which trees had the best eucalyptus leaves.

This shit is good.

“Yo’ ova at tha swamp yeah, there’s a tree beside these two rocks, they kinda look like munted titties. Pluck those leaves homie, they getz ya high as shit dawg.” He said.

Here’s the article from CNN about Koalas Dying From AIDS.

(Yes I wasn’t joking. Its a serious issue)

It’s sad because they’re just so fucking adorable. In my opinion, knowledge is power, and education is the key to stop such a terrible pandemic:

Koalas. Wear a Condom.

ariffjunior notes: Huge Appreciation to Caryn Lim, my partner in creating the TV piece.

Notably driving two hours to Benalla, and being enslaved in the Journo labs slogging at the editing process of the piece!

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