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Tooth Demon (Paste Up)

artwork property of navshed navin@shriekingmonkeys (no intellectual theft yo)

(ariffjunior notes) I would like to welcome our new Art editor, username: navshed.

You won’t read much from him, but he’ll sure make you See

4 responses to “Tooth Demon (Paste Up)

  1. gabby

    WOWZAS! is this ashed’s work?? pretty cool!

  2. gabby

    haha i also like the fact that he’s got a toothbrush necklace 😛

  3. Ashed ⋅

    thank you! i just did another paste up last night..didnt bring the camera go get some photos today and put em up later tonight

  4. Zeke ⋅

    Beautiful it is. The toothdemon has to exist!

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