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Little People, Big World (People, World)

You know what’s not funny? Midgets (I would like to stress this point. There is nothing funny about them. Small,yes, but not funny). T.V shows about them on the other hand, hillarious!

Some of you might have heard of it, seen an ad, or maybe you were even lucky enough to watch an episode. I’m talking about the reality T.V show on Discovery Health (or something to that effect), called “Little People, Big World“. The world they are referring to is actually the same size as we all know it, its just bigger in comparison since they are dealing with midgets. And apparently we can’t really call them midgets anymore, because it’s not politically correct (it’s totally cool to be P.C by the way), so to be respectful, the proper term used is “little people“. Seriously? How is that any less offensive than midget? So due to my own conscience and personal morality I will stick with the friendlier and cuter term midget.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, this show is an opening into the lives of midgets. It’s a reality T.V show that exposes the everyday lives and “struggles” of a family of midgets (Two midgets got married and had kids, some of which are midgets and others are not).

In order to “educate” the general population of the modern/westernized world (since it’s mainly developed and modern nations that indulge in Discovery Health), Discovery Channel feels it’s appropriate to air such a show. This way we can all know that midgets are just like you and I, only smaller – No Shit!

Thank you Discovery Channel for showing me and countless others that midgets are just people and not freaks or weirdos, and should not be made fun of, or be made into entertainment, after all they’re just people. Wait a minute, my irony senses are tingling! Because I REFUSE to believe that anyone watches this show in order to “educate” themselves . Instead I can imagine a group of kids smoking pot and laughing non-stop, saying:

“HAHAHA..they are different from us, therefore they are funny.”

Or a bunch of self righteous moralists who sympathize so much with those “poor midgets”. They would be the ones who say things like:

“Oh my God! Look at that. They can drive just like us.”

“Wow! They got married and had kids. That is so beautiful. I am so happy for them.”

“They live normal lives? That I did not know.”

“Kids, come look at this and learn something (how to be ignorant)”

Why don’t these morons give those midgets a cookie for all their amazing human-like achievements. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against  midgets, and I have nothing for them. I am completely aware of their stature, but also completely aware that they are no different from us (which I’m sure most people know. I sure as hell hope so anyway). So, by having such “educational” T.V shows, are they really caring for the fate or treatment (or mistreatment) of these people? or maybe its just another way to make some easy money, and have some cheap laughs. If i had to guess, I’ll go with the latter. If the point is to show people how “normal” (what ever the hell that means) midgets are, then why the personal exposure of their lives. Maybe it makes good T.V for some reason I cant explain.


The only reason people watch this show ( I have no idea who watches this stuff, but someone must be if it’s on T.V and I bet midgets hate this crap) is the same reason ‘Jackass’ is so popular or why Oprah is so damn rich (someone should punch her straight in the nose by the way).

People like/want to see the suffering or misfortune of others. It’s just a part of human nature that i will not deny. I love watching ‘Jackass” and things like that, because its hilarious and it is what it is. But this show about midgets or some other “awareness” shows hides behind this facade of respect and sensitivity. You cant fool me! I can pretty much hear the camera man laughing at them!! (not really, but you get the point). The scary thing is there seems to be some kind of trend with this. There are plenty of other shows that are similar:

“John and Kate Plus 8” – Fuck that! my grandma had eight kids! Where the hell is her show? and yes i know they had sextuplets, which is pretty amazing. A documentary on that would have been cool, but not a reality T.V show. They are now divorced (HAHAHA)

I also stumbled upon a show that was all about, check this out:  TOURETTES! A camera crew follow a group of KIDS with tourettes as they try to get better at TOURETTES CAMP! its really sad actually, but hilarious in the most horrible way. I hope the producers of that show don’t cancel it if they find out people are getting cheap laughs, and some form of degrading entertainment from their “educational” and  “sympathetic” program. I doubt it though.

So, Discovery Channel, stop the bullshit. You don’t care for them any more than you care for prison inmates or gang members (who also get plenty of documentaries and T.V shows). Follow your own “influence” and “education” and realize the irony in your show.

How about this for an idea: “People, World”, I bet you this show would be no different!!

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