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Conquest for your mind By Nik Johann

Mind Control

Is Murder an ultimate wrong?

Will Lies be alright if no one suffers?

Do Criminals deserve a second chance?

Each issue will definitely have its proponents, opponents and the ones who couldn’t care less. Nonetheless, which side is considered to be in the right or wrong and more importantly, who ultimately decides it to be so?

Let’s take murder for example:

Someone taking away another person’s life is wrong, Yes?

But what if the latter is a criminal, what would that be then, right?

Think about it…

If it was decided to be permissible, are we saying that a life is considered to be worthy only to follow what ‘society’ believes?

How did we as a human’s conclude to that premise: Media? Religion?

So yes, I do admit that if the

“what if’s” continue, the argument would go on and on. Well that’s what I was going through, thanks to the quote I came across:

“Nothing is real or a lie, it all depends on the colour of the glass you’re wearing”

Graphic by Aeoll

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10 responses to “Conquest for your mind By Nik Johann

  1. ainamcar ⋅

    The fact that everyone has different a different coloured lense is why we argue at all. Behind those coloured lenses is one universal truth.

    I reckon people who act in the name of their own ego are only destroying themselves. Then again, you can’t really change a person. Socrates dilemma when he was accused of corrupting the youth… Everyone was concerned about right or wrong when Socrates didn’t try to advocate a cause, he didn’t resist punishment but died in the name of truth.

    Nice brain food, like the visual.

  2. rockingjellies ⋅

    mhmmm, good point, but where does this universal truth that u talk about come from hey?everybody might have a similar concept per say but im pretty sure they tweak it a wee bit to make it relevant to their own life/perception, kan? so is it then a universal truth?

    i guess socrates was an instigator, but humans being humans, always have to think that there is an agenda that’s been put forth in anything, are we then to blame of over-complicating stuff?

    too much question maybe, the intention has always been to pick minds&learn. =)

  3. ainamcar ⋅

    Tweaking and over-complicating is the exact reason why we’re so far away from the truth. The thing is people spend years and years going to universities thinking that being a scholar is going to make them intelligent. The mind is a prison and only once you rise above it can you ever claim freedom. I bet Albert Einsten’s work, Mozart, whoever, is 40% inspiration, 30% fart, 10% brain and 20% work. Off topic but you really sparked a good conversation here 😛

  4. rockingjellies ⋅

    so basically what ure tryna say is that there is a universal truth that we as humans know, but decided that it was too simple, no doubt based on ego, so we go through all the ‘farts’ just to cancel out the un-truths, to finally get back to the truth? and what some other ideas that we have regarding the universal truth is just the over-complicated ‘farts’ that people decide to uphold cos they can’t be bothered to go e long distance, yes?

    “The mind is a prison and only once you rise above it can you ever claim freedom”, mannnn, u BAWLA beyond words nia!?!?!.

  5. ainamcar ⋅

    yes upheld farts, unhealthy unhealthy. i fuckin love fart analogies!!!!!

    ps. who’s nia?!

  6. klarmeimei ⋅

    In my opinion,religion is basically just oral tradition that has been passed down to newer generations. And as these years go by, stories are altered and changed, then younger generations learn to adapt to what they’re taught or surrounded by.
    Consequently, media’s role in all of this is just to “finalize” and make these assumptions somewhat concrete.

    In other words, the world is one ball of bull shit. How can we believe in something that shows no solid proof? Haha, I know I sound bitter but that’s just the way I see it. (I know this is quite off topic but its what i thought of after i read your post)

  7. dunebug ⋅

    In a way I do believe that whether an act is permissible depends on society’s judgment. Regardless of our different roots, societies do share similar beliefs between one another. E.g. stealing, and unjustified killing is considered wrong in any society. Human beings have been given the faculty to discern between the wrong from the right even without the guidance of religion. However, without the belief in God, religion, and the hereafter, i.e. a final judgment from a greater being, humankind tends to behave against their moral judgments in pursuit of worldly gains at the expense of others. The idea of God breathing down your back is meant to keep you in check of your actions. I do not believe that taking another life is an ultimate wrong because there are justifiable reasons for doing so. Taking the life of a murderer is to ensure that the threat is removed permanently from the society, which I deem a noble cause. Plus, it sets an example to other members of society to not do so. In the end, it is to ensure the security of the society. This is important because human beings are social creatures and our long-term survival depends on us looking out for each other. Often, it is not the means that are wrong, it is the ends that we seek to achieve which sets apart wrong from right. Even stealing can be considered morally right depending on the circumstances.

    I don’t find it hard to believe that God exists. The creation of a life-sustaining earth and the abundance of resources as well as the various factors that needs to be in tune with each other just for the possibility of life is testament to God’s existence in my opinion. And I believe God revealed divine messages for the survival of human beings. In religion, particularly the Abrahamic faiths, we are constantly reminded of the civilizations that perish because they did not follow God’s ordinances. This is true with every civilization that did not last the passage of time, not just the ones mentioned in the Bible and Quran, also civilizations which existed after those particular revelations which includes the Muslim civilization. As to which of the divine ordinances they did not follow, we have to engage in further study. I know most people are sceptical to what I have said and to the applicability of religion in the modern age but look at what a secular view of the world has brought to mankind. People argue that religion has caused the loss of so many lives. They forget that Hitler’s form of social Darwinism is the cause of the loss of millions of innocent lives. Within a century America has engaged in various wars fought for the sake of their economy and capitalism which benefits only their pockets. The wars engaged by them within the last 100 years probably took more lives than all the wars collectively in the previous 5 centuries.

    I think some people’s idea of religion is that they will be saved if they follow a certain set of rituals hoping that miraculously it will save them. Prayer and rituals mean nothing if you do not serve your fellow man well. People tend to think that religion is outdated. But the problems we face in the world today are due to the fact that we don’t believe in the divine messages anymore. What’s real is an idea and a set of belief in which each individual follows which ensures the survival of the society.

  8. rockingjellies ⋅

    ainamcar- yeap,farts analogies=awesomeness,but e media has mould us to think that being black is cool, so dont trip gurlfrennnn!and yes, we all shall remain ‘anonymous’

    Klarmeimei-yeap, i see ur point hey and im not gona be one of those snooty-high headed-self righteous people and condemn it. ur opinion is valid and there’s nothing wrong with u feeling that way, but im just gona share with u my understanding regarding religion and maybe we can compare and further understand this issue.
    Being brought up my whole life as a Muslim, my life some way or e other revolves around it, but having said that, I have to admit, I’m nowhere near having that deep connection with it and yes, I’m on e same wavelength on you on certain stuff regarding e issue, come on, having one god who created a whole wide world just for his followers to pray and praise him is a bit vain, no?&some of e stories that u hear r a bit extravagant/trippy as if it was altered by some people to make it sound more convincing. Nonetheless, at e same time, billions have people have subscribed to this understanding, albeit variedly, and had such deep connection to it and spent whole lives fighting, preaching and understanding it. A bit dumb to put so much effort into something as u would put it as, that shows no solid proof, yes?. To me, it just boils down to e fact that religion is faith, for u to believe in it, u have to have that faith first. This goes e same with all those non-proven concepts, like love and friendship. No one can prove what love is and what friendship is, but we somehow subscribe to it, how do we do it? We just have this understanding, trust and a positive outlook on it without ever really having a way to explain or comprehend what it is actually all about. I guess this goes e same with religion, just like a friend who you trust with their stories, u have to put that ‘faith’ up front before accepting whatever is coming.

  9. rockingjellies ⋅

    dunebug- thank you thank you thank you for such an amazing write-up regarding e post and more! It is such an insightful comment on e issue that was put forth and e concept or religion or what not. “Often, it is not the means that are wrong, it is the ends that we seek to achieve which sets apart wrong from right.”, fan-tastic!

    If you don’t mind, since we’re heading towards e issue of religion, what is ur take on e concept of one god for everyone? just want to bounce off ideas hey. =)

  10. dunebug ⋅

    rockingjellies- From my perspective, it is not for God’s sake that we praise him and worship him, it is for our own sake. How it is for our own sake is a long story. It has to do with individual psychology, the natural environment, worldview, group psychology, and understanding society. Worshiping and understanding why we need to worship is not because God is vain, it is so that we are gratuitous.

    As for the issue of One God for everyone, I’m not very clear by what you mean by that. As in, the term Allah being used by everyone or the idea of the whole society in the world worshiping One God based on the same theological grounds? If you meant the latter, and your question is if it would solve all the problems in society then maybe it would, but the success doesn’t depend on the believe in that One God. The success depends on our understanding of what that One God orders us to do. Even within the same faith there are warring subdivisions. It is already idealistic to think that everyone will share the same faith because being the creative, egoistic, forgetful and greedy creatures that we are, we will always create differences among ourselves, therefore i think it is an impossible scenario to achieve.

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