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Where are the Lights?

The immaculate upkeeping of a Malaysian park

BUKIT JALIL: Its healthy to take a brisk walk in the morning, but it becomes a hassle when you can’t see where your going. The beauty of Bukit Jalil Park is hampered by the poor maintenance of the street lights on the walk paths, which have left many regular exercisers disgruntled, being left ‘blind’ at certain stretches of the pathways.

“I am disappointed with the attitude of Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL).” Said Mr K.P Lim, 68, retiree.

“For the last two or three months many of the lighting within the park has either fused or in need of repair…No action has been taken to fix or repair the lights and people are forced to walk in the dark every morning.”

A whole 500 meter uphill stretch of the park has been in left in darkness this whole time, which alerts a concern for safety, and integrity in the up keeping of the park. There has been instances where people have tripped over fallen branches, rocks and walked into drainages because of the inability to see the path ahead from them.

“The lighting is a main concern especially to senior citizens, as they usually walk in the mornings.” Said Eddy Ong, 63, retiree.

“When you get older your eyesight decreases, and when there’s no lights at dusk, it makes it difficult to see where you are going.”

There have been several other grievances about the maintenance of the park’s surroundings with the eyesores being potholes in the parking lot, the lack of maintenance of the outdoor gym and playground equipment, the wooden bridge panels and the collection of rubbish at the park.

“The workers drive their motorcycles on to the pathways and creates noise pollution…sometimes when they clean the rubbish, the residue spills on the pathway and makes it very smelly.” said Tarsha Singh, 49, police officer.

The Paper that Cares contacted DBKL yesterday, and a spokesperson acknowledged and ensured that the problems will be directed to the relevant departments and contractors, and will be dealt with soon.

“It is such a beautiful park, and a great place to take a stroll, and it would be nice for it to be restored to its original pride.” Said K.P Lim.

(ariffjunior note): This story has yet to be published in MalayMail, so I called ‘shotgun’ for my article for a better source of media. So far in my internship, my editors love to send me to parks for ‘menial’ community stories.

But don’t get me wrong, I love going to parks, I’m just saying that if hanging out in parks is my day in the office. I’m sorry for those people who’s day is being stuck in the office. Booyah Bitches.


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