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‘Free as a bird’ by The Beatles

Are you a beatles fan? Well if you’re musically inclined in any way, we all know full well The Beatles is a must hear band due to their multiple talent and very wide sense of genres they have provided with their vision. You listen to them and you start to wonder are they singing about? Well at least it happens to me. One thing for sure is, with or without the influence of any sort of herbs, you would still be taken smoothly into this bumpy yet beautiful sight-seeing view by fellow Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Star.

There are two initial reactions of what may occur when you watch this video, if you are a huge epic fan of the beatles, you would probably notice the clues of their entire lives in music would appeal to the senses.

One would be – You would cry, its like a diary written in mythological language or image that you defines the meaning ‘Profound’.

Two –  A simple definition of their legendary status, you would appreciate their mark they left in this world.

Oh, well there is a possible 3rd reaction – You would just simply love the song. Fuck you.

I’m sure some or MOST of you Beatle maniacs might have seen this but without the guidance of internet that provides the clues, figure out which scene is leads to their events or songs. I had the first two reactions after watching the video with the song.

My evaluation of the song is pretty simple. They’re monkeys like us too. Their minds scatter every possible visions and route to paradise. Their minds worked together creates this dimension of the their definition of the ultimate peace… back in their young days.

Their minds are exactly like birds as well, where their vision is spread far in what they have observed the dirt and the clean about society, the world itself. But only among each other, back in their young days. I think the main reference of the song comes from the lyric;

“whatever happen to, the life that we once knew, it always made me feel so free, as a bird”

Didn’t it make you tear a little? Here is what I noticed in terms of about songs and events in that video. Feel free to comment on missing events that I fail to mention or not notice.

Beginning till 0:16 = Childhood pictures of the Beatles when they were just infants.

0:19 – 0:21 = Bird flies out towards the sun, refers to ‘Here comes the sun’

0:32 – 0:37 = The beatles walking among the crowd in the rain

0:42 – 0:46 = Everyone gathering, I think it’s referring to ‘ Come together’

0:50 – 0:55 = The Beatles performing at the Cavern, among the first few places they performed before reaching fame

1:01 – 1:07 = Strawberry Fields

1:18 = Kids running holding hands “I wanna hold your hand”

1:19 = Man holding the basket of eggs ( I think), reference to ‘I am the eggman’ from “I am the walrus”

1:20 –  1:22 = Paul, Ringo and George crossing the road

1:25 – 1:30= The young Beatles

1:32 – 1:40 = The nurse selling poppies and The barber, refers to ‘Penny Lane’

1:48 = Ringo Star pops out from the door

1:50 = John and Yoko kissing in the car, refers to “Why don’t we do it on the road”

1:52 = Elder John, Paul, George and Ringo

1:55 – 2:00 =  The cover of all the Beatle’s Anthology albums

2:02 = The birthday cake has two numbers, 6 and 4. Probably referring to “When I’m 64”

2:05 – 2:10 = George Harrison

2:20 – 2:25 = ‘ A Crowd of people stood and stare’ with john Lennon among the crowd and ‘He blew his mind out in the car’  refers to “A day in the life”

2:28 = Pretty policeman lined up referring to “I am the walrus”

2:36 = Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite! (I think)

2:41 = Someone slipping into a room from the ladder, “She came in through the bathroom window”

2:33 = Flowers that grows, incredibly high, referring to “Lucy in the sky with Diamonds”

2:47 = ‘See how they run likes pigs’, referring to “I am the Walrus”

2:50 = I THINK, it’s the Beatles walking pass at the background

2:56 = Paperbag Writer

3:06 = John Lennon ( I think) sitting on the couch and The beatles performing in the television set

3:11 = A hole on the roof refers to “Fixing a hole”

3:17 = Newspaper taxi appears, referring from “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”

3:22 = John and Yoko dancing and Chairman Mao portrait appears refers to “Revolution”

3:31 = Ringo Star at the dinner table

3:38 = Man representing Ravi Shankar playing the sitar, referring to the event where The beatles went for Transcendental Meditation in India

3:47 = Drum set that says “Sgt peppers lonely hearts club band”

3:58 = The grave of Eleanor Rigby, with a priest behind that could represent Father McKenzie

4:00 = Sheepdog running across refers to “Martha My dear”

4:05 = Paul jumping on about on the hill (Fool on the hill), woman is referring to (She’s leaving home) and the background refers to (The long and winding road)

4:15 = Abbey Road

4:30 = A scene from their movie “A hard day’s night”

Well that is what I am capable of doing for now. Do feel free to leave a comment on other things I may have not spot and I’ll even put it up with a thank you note.

Hope you felt what I utterly described the feel would be, and hope you loved them as much as how they were loved before.

Fucking legends

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