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Peace for Sale

Why don’t you turn ambitions into dust

Build your railway even when the world is aware of its rust

We’ll turn our heads away so that your crime is kind

Take a sip of my wine or take what you can find

Shoot our mouths so we can never speak

Shoot the eyes of freedom fighters so they shall not seek

Why don’t you control our cheap thrill visions

With your papers you can afford assumptions

Ignorance answers to die as an innocent man,

Selfish thoughts of you do it best and they do what they can

Their numbers in wealth could easily buy honour and pride

To those minds who does not kneel to them has died

He who stands the top of the pyramid

Will always unethically submit

To tell their robots to blow up pretty dolls

Fail in the temptations of the blissful self-pleasure

Play with your strings for that is your treasure

You display to justice when she sees

The papers of the smiling royalties

Give us love give us hope

Let us love without a rotten rope

I see you brought a bag of cash to the arcade

You mention that you haven’t played for a decade

You notice the first joke as a game and you run

You tell me the game called peace is fun

I hope one day your eyes will see

That you can never put any coin in me

One response to “Peace for Sale

  1. badassdaz ⋅

    great stuff!

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