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Horizons of Retribution

The Silence of the night

Takes my vision through hindsight.

The Bells of Glory lures my hand

And steers me away.

We are the Children of Chance

The Stars, Dreams, and Alluring romance

What are we, and what am I?

I’m just a question of Imagination

A hopeless soul trapped in a Being

Stuck in senseless reality,

The Sun, the Moon, and the Sky so Blue,

Why am I here, and why are You too?

“Understand this Mankind”

Do you really understand this reality that you ponder?

Justice is made, and surreality is preserved,

Just you wait young man,

Because reality is plain absurd.

(Artwork: kienzan)

About Ariff Azmi

Founder of shriekingmonkeys - My interests span from quirky culture to anything that dares to amuse my highly-desensitized nature.

One response to “Horizons of Retribution

  1. dann89 ⋅

    nice jumyyaahh..

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