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Im not racist I hate everyone equally.

What a Colorful Group

Some of us are lucky enough to have fond memories of Mind Your Language (It was something my parents use to watch from time to time when I was younger), or better yet, you can grab the DVD set at some shops. That classic 70’s British sitcom is all about the humour in cultural stereotypes. I don’t know what happened to that show, or why it never gained much more popularity, or why no one seems to miss it (except me).

But I bet you the world got too complicated and too politically correct for it anyway. A simple show like that simply couldn’t keep up with the chaos that 21st century entertainment was about to bring.

If only we still lived in a time and place where people found humour, and entertainment in racial stereotypes, because it sure is a whole lot better than finding hate and discrimination.

There’s nothing better than joking (harmlessly and positively) about your kia siew Chinese neighbor, or your Indian neighbor who always comes home stinking of whiskey (always drives home somehow), or that Malay guy who just sits smoking cigarettes, and plays guitar all day.

It makes us human (not always a good thing) and gives us character, and it doesn’t leave anyone out. Sure, they’re horrible generalizations, but we know that. We are well aware that not all Malays are lazy, not all Indians drink their livers to failure, and of course not all Chinese people are stingy. Stereotypes don’t come out of no where, they’re observations that have been made over time, and are hilarious!

(Some people might say I’m racist for laughing at a (insert any foreign land here) music’s video, if that qualifies me as a “racist”, then everyone on earth is racist.)

A wise comedian once said:

“I don’t make stereotypes, i see them” – Russell Peters.

3 responses to “Im not racist I hate everyone equally.

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  2. ariffjunior ⋅

    I love racism, well, in the sense of satire and parody.

    But sometimes in reality we don’t see the bigger scope of stereotypes. I’ve got an interesting true account about ‘The indian dude that drinks his liver to failure’.

    I was told this story by an older, female senior writer at Malay Mail – that there was an amazing Indian writer at the paper years back, he was a prodigy, his writing skills outclassed his peers and he showed everyone ‘whos the bawsss’. However, he enjoyed his whiskey 🙂

    She said that he was pretty much CRUNKED when he was in the newsroom, cursing at writers who fuck up, told off editors, and showed ‘who’s the bawsss’ – so mind you, HE WAS CRUNKED most of the time but wrote the BEST articles from the other writers.

    Ironically and sadly, although the whiskey could have fueled his brain, it destroyed his liver and he succumbed to his alcoholism at the age of 60.

    Stereotype = YES!

    I think stereotypes are created when you hang out with too much of your own race, so go out and get some different colored friends, and you inside, would be little bit more Colorful. ( and I don’t mean turn gay with that metaphor).

  3. Anita ⋅

    Hey the reason the show ended was because the guy who acted as Mr Brown died. And I miss this show so much okay! hahahaha… my favourites were the Indian and the Pakistani.

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