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Water and Blood

(photo by ~curi0us-bLasphemy)

Blood is thicker than water.

There is an assumption is that the bond of those related by blood is stronger than the bond of friendship or marriage.

One of the earliest sources to this so called ‘truth’ and understanding is seen in the medieval German beast epic by Heinrich der Glichezare – His works when translated into English is understood as: Kinblood is not spoiled by water.

Even so, I stand strong on my point that this superficial belief that blood relation is always thicker or so called more important than those of none, is nothing close to a sunny disposition.

Is blood really thicker than water? Scientifically, yes. It is said that healthy blood does not float; therefore it is heavier than water. Question is, what if the blood is so called ‘unhealthy’ to begin with, or rots away day by day?

An adult human body is made up from 60-75% water, while the brain is 80% water. Blood, about 90% water. Evidently, water carries life energy in human beings.

Simple to say that water is your lifeline. Even blood depends on water.

Blood is not necessarily always at the top of the hierarchy. I believe the meaning of ‘blood’ has to be more than simply biological. It comes with the emotional dependency as well as physical dependency.

Clear cut, adopted children as well as step-children, they are considered family and share the same rights.

A family is not just by blood

‘Blood’ relation is created through emotional support, where each member of the family feels the tie through love, care and understanding. Superficiality is evident in today’s families.

Families tend to implode, simply because the bonds created become too intense. Trust, love and honesty in families just simply do not float on the same boat. There is always pressure within the family, to adhere to the norms. However, each individual develops and grows with individual personalities, which may or may not be accepted as a norm.

Conflict. Break point.

Other relatives (uncles, aunts, cousins) usually comes into the frame and drops turd and scum everywhere which taints family relations.

In a family, it is amazing how at one point when all is dandy, everyone is one and united. When shit stirs; fingers start pointing, mouth start gossiping, and trust, love and honesty is nothing but a joke.

Lies. Deceit. Betrayal.

It all comes down to life experiences that either attaches or detaches someone from family ties.

With so much Love, can Hate be present?

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  1. farah ⋅

    well said dann89. well said.

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