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All Over Again

What if I could bottle up the sunrise;
If I could trap and keep the sunset;
Would that be alright to do?
(Do) you know the secrets of your heart
Or are your mind and soul apart
And would that be alright with you?
Can you see the world in all its perfection?
Oh, yes, I wonder, well, I wonder if you:
Do you ever notice
How God moves in funny ways;
How things just seem out of place;
How the unexpected frequently occur.
Do you realize
How common sense is so uncommon;
Memories can be forgotten;
Meanings mean the opposite;
It won’t hurt if you try;
(Trials) don’t need to be hard;
(Hearts) get broken all the time;
(Time’s) a-wastin’ energy and funnily enough,
I’m right back where I started out
All over again
It’s human nature
Not to want what you’ve got;
To destroy what you’ve fought for;
To never know it’s going till it’s gone.
Oh, hurry up and take your time
To decide what’s wrong and right;
What’s black, what’s white;
I trust you’ll remember my left may be your right.
Yeah, I can see the world in its imperfection;
Oh, don’t you wonder, tell me, don’t you ever think:
Have you ever wondered
Why absence makes the heart grow fond
When you’re out of mind when you get further;
Why best-laid plans aren’t often meant to be?
Have you thought of
Sitting up and standing down;
Where things get lost and never found;
Who hears a sound when no one’s around;
(Around the) block is a square;
(Where) do all beginnings start;
(Stars), they do shine during the day;
(Days) are numbered but numbers never end
And strangely,
I seem to have fallen for you
All over again.
Well, life may have taken its toll;
We’ve gone in and out of the rabbit hole;
So different but oh-so-identical
And after all
Well, who would’ve thought or guessed;
Who would’ve known it?
Well, not me.
I never figured things would turn out this way;
That the price was hell that we’d have to pay;
But who am I to say?
I’m no one, I’m just a girl
And I’m singing my song to the world
And I’m hoping this story will never end
Or I’d have to start
All over again.

© NurBanun Atina Idris 2010

2 responses to “All Over Again

  1. Ashed ⋅

    this is amazing..

  2. rockingjellies ⋅

    who has two thumbs up and really likes this post?…

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