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petrol pumps piss people off.

Refilling petrol is considered a regular errand when you own a vehicle. But how many times has this happen to you?

This post is relevant to petrol consumers based in Australia, where you fill in petrol and then pay, or people who enjoy the procrastination of delaying payment and use their credit card.

(In Malaysia, you pay first and then fill in your vehicle)

So, you’re low on petroleum, and you swing by the nearest petrol station to feed your vehicle the necessary quantity that you can afford. So you swipe your card, and you have an option to use the computer system that allows you to control the limit that you want to fill in.

However, as many overlook this tool, we pop out the hatch, open the nozzle, and shove in the petrol hose into the gasket.

This is when the moment of anticipation and anxiety kicks in.

You consciously focus on the amount that you would like to fill in.

“My wallet allows me a quantity of $30,” You ponder.

As you squeeze the trigger, the addictive aroma of petroleum is exhumed, and you’re focused on the counter that reels up the amount of liters and Ringgits/Dollars of petrol to that is wanted.

Both counter’s speed up simultaneously – You stare at the price of petrol and grumble at the measly amount your car will be filled up with.

It comes to the vital moment.

You relax your trigger finger, at $29.95.

You know if you squeeze too hard, you’ll receive an unnecessary amount to pay.

You tap the trigger- the amount arises to $29.97

“Okay, calm down, just a slight tap more.” You say as you prepare yourself for this final squeeze.

You breathe in, and you measure your finger strength,

“This is it, the final push, I can reach $30 spot on!” you imagine confidently.

You squeeze,

but alas…

your trigger finger amasses your judgement.

$ 30.04 the counter reads.

What a Bitch.

About Ariff Azmi

Founder of shriekingmonkeys - My interests span from quirky culture to anything that dares to amuse my highly-desensitized nature.

2 responses to “petrol pumps piss people off.

  1. badassdaz ⋅

    what a bitch when this happens….thats why you use the preset button thingy.

    • ariffjunior ⋅

      We as humans tend to be overconfident with our judgement, the preset button thingy just adds complication to the process:

      “What More buttons?! Fuck that Imma squeeze the trigger, no need no Kom-pu-ter to control me!”

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