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Haa.. haa..choo! , Bless you !

We always plan things to go our way and things end up going the other way around.

For example,

  • You set the alarm clock to wake up at 8.00 am > You’ll be awake at 8.15
  • You call up your friends to join you  for a cendol session at the cendol truck under the tree > Cendol truck not there
  • You plan to leave the house early hoping not to be there late > Your stuck in a massive traffic jam
  • You crave for a good ol’ Original recipe KFC > KFC ran out of chicken.

Expectation vs. Reality = Patience and Creativity

Our expectation may not always be to what we want or wish for and the reality that we get may not be as good or as bad as we imagine.

I remember one day when this monkey was walking along the street and had only three silver and one gold coin ( that’s $1.50 ), a pack of cigarettes but no lighter, and thought to himself:

“Shit, a cup of coffee would be awesome in this cold weather. I Want, and I Need one; But I can only afford a lighter. Damn, if only coffee would be cheaper!”

I continued walking towards my destination and two minutes later, there was a stand giving out Free coffee and cookies to the passerby’s  (they’re not crazy, they’re just promoting some free thing!) and Yay!  I got a free coffee and a cookie  and I get to buy a lighter for my ciggies !

jump for joy!

Few years ago , this monkey traveled to Vietnam for a weekend break. He was so happy that he got to leave his country and get his passport stamped & become a traveler again. As he landed , with a wide smile on his face (because the air smelled different – even though its still oxygen that he’s breathing  &  cos there were so many friendly locals – not knowing they’re actually part time cabbies who are ready to con him) he was prepared to have a great weekend ahead.

After checking into his hotel room, he flicked through the local TV channels, and called the reception for extra clothes hangers, this monkey got changed and suddenly he  realized one thing,

“Damn it ,I left my belt at home ! How am i gonna wear my ultra baggy jeans? hmm.. what should i do now !”

Ten minutes of brainstorming and looking here and there for whatever he can think of, he suddenly thought of one idea,

“Hmm.. i could probably use my phone charger as a belt ?”

So he wrapped his waist with the wire and the plugged remained in his pants pocket. He stood in front of the mirror,

“Looks good” He thought.

He wiggled a little bit, and the pants didn’t drop.

Good to go !

We might not get what we want ot how we want it, BUT we can always manipulate the reality to our expectation through patience and creativity.

So the next time to feel like shouting “WTF or FTW or WTH ” take a look around.. walk a few more steps and breathe a little deeper.

Expect the unexpected, Because life’s too interesting!


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