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Good Vibrations Melbourne

You could define a good day when everything goes your way, when nothing can take you off your stride. Stresses and slight irritations are brushed aside because of the euphoric emotions flowing through your veins.

Sunday was a great day.

Good Vibrations at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne had the perfect concoction for a festival – Clear Skies, 25 degree weather, and a great line up to spice up a sober Sunday in Victoria. Its really hard to pick and mix when attending a festival, as a music lover you’d want to attempt to catch everything; especially when the Line up includes: Kid Cudi, Basement Jaxx, Gossip, Salt and Pepa, Armand Van Helden, Busta Rhymes, Friendly Fires, Gym Class Heroes, Naughty by Nature.

Travis Mccoy=Stoner

You’ll find that your spoilt for choice, however, limited in time. And the frustration arises with the fact that humans aren’t able duplicate themselves and attend each stage. However, priorities are always set by the heart, and you’ll find that you follow what you want to listen to, either inspired by the overwhelming energy of the crowd, that ‘panadol’ that random guy gave you, and the vodka slurpee’s that had frozen your brain.

Basement Jaxx

shriekingmonkeys worked through harshness and obstacles evident at all festivals, and pushed through the sore ankles and feet, put up with armpit-in-your-face syndrome, and had just enough adrenaline to battle the fatigue to stay right until the end.

A sound advice is to limber up before attending the event, have a good 20 minute stretch upon entering the vicinity, as it prevents those leg muscles cramping up with all the excessive jumping.

If you also participate in regular cardiovascular exercises beforehand, it proves an advantage in stamina to keep up with the “excessive jumping” too.

57 in attendance!

It was evident that most of the other revelers was going through the same pain, however, put through the tight crowds at the main stage.

All because of the Headliners; Especially as they seem to be quiet evasive in the last couple of weeks.

The Killers were in attendance in Melbourne.

Is your Heart still Beating?

They cancelled Singapore, China, Japan, Perth and Sydney, and there was speculations that they weren’t coming to Goldcoast and Melbourne too. The cancellations were explained recently, where lead singer Brandon Flower’s mother had succumbed to cancer; but by the way that the band had excited Melbourne, Flower’s showed true professionalism, and played his heart out for the very last show of their tour.

Melbourne was flattered.

Overall, Good Vibrations lived up to its name, and those in attendance left exhausted, but  enjoyed a ‘not so quiet’ Sunday filled up with a healthy dosage of good music, good memories and feeling good vibrations in their bones.

About Ariff Azmi

Founder of shriekingmonkeys - My interests span from quirky culture to anything that dares to amuse my highly-desensitized nature.

2 responses to “Good Vibrations Melbourne

  1. Joe Jr

    No wayyyy. No fair. Hope they do reschedule their Asia tour!

    How long was their set Ariff?

  2. ariffjunior ⋅

    They played for an hour, a very memorable hour.

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