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A glitch with the warning packets

Which is my pack?

Smoking is bad.

All smokers understand this fact, that smoking cigarettes can lead up to physiological diseases that can affect the many organs in your biological system. Various awful diseases are attributed to smoking and have been proven medically. The dangers of smoking have been regularly mediated to the general public, and it is safe to say that everyone is educated that the negativities overcomes the positives when you smoke. So why do we still smoke?

Because Nicotine is so fucking good.

I’m not going to go on why smokers should stop, or present ways how a smoker can stop; Because smokers know they should stop, we understand that our health is slowly deteriorating with each puff of a stick, and the probability of complications that will arise in the future will happen. However, we stand defiant, and tell our lungs “Fuck you” and tell our brains that “You only live once.”

Humans are arrogant and we take things for granted, we let our egos and prides go astray when dealing with our own lives, especially our health, we understand that if you want to achieve something you have to work hard towards it, and this understanding is relevant with giving up the smokes.

I reiterate that this post is not about quitting.

We were taught way back in school that a cigarette has almost 1000 chemicals in one stick, and that its yucky. We’re constantly reminded by each pack with the various extremely graphic images with sliced brains, dead fetuses, and gangrened feet.

However, it still doesn’t get in our heads that its bad – Because it feels so damn good.

I fit in the category of this social ignorance, I smoke at no smoking signs, in the lift, and even when I have a violent cough when I have a flu.

Off topic, or on topic, in which this post is meant to be about -Is that the images purported on the cigarette packets have evidently found a loophole with the images, which have worked in the advantage of smokers.


I found that when I’m enjoying coffee, or a friend comes over to mine, we chuck our packets onto the table and follow on with our conversation. After when were about to depart, there’s always the confusion with which pack of cigarettes belong to us if we are smoking the same brand:

“Dude, which ones my pack?” asks Aizat.

“I’m not sure dude?” says Ariff.

“Oh wait, I remember, mine had a dead foetus on it” says Aizat.

I’ve found that the photos have evidently become a unique and great identifier in such situations, with various graphics printed on each pack, there’s a high chance that when you and your friends are having a smoke, everyone has a different image. So you know which ones your pack.

Primarily, its a way that the government would like to spread and acknowledge the different types of horrors that will occur, but they’ve done a nice favor for the smoker community in allowing us to contrast our cigarettes with our cohorts, so we don’t accidentally take the wrong packet home.

So I thank the Government’s around the world for being very concerned about public health, and to constantly remind us about the dangers with cigarettes. However, we, the smokers, do understand that you also enjoy the tax revenue from our demise in our health, so we repay you back by smoking more. A lot more. Until our lungs fucking collapse.

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Founder of shriekingmonkeys - My interests span from quirky culture to anything that dares to amuse my highly-desensitized nature.

2 responses to “A glitch with the warning packets

  1. dann89 ⋅

    Take good care of your body, it’ll return the favour.

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