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Month Key, Escape to Neverland

This fellow monkey friend of ours has trampled his own steps by sinking into quicksand that he himself has created. He runs around on land when its faster traveling on tree’s where banana’s are the main motivation of what’s pulling his strings at the moment.

He thinks back, no one he knows its wrong but the tree’s are favouring him by knowing that this journey has ended.

This monkeys cries and cries, and he knows, oh, he utterly knows that the some banana’s are simply just rotten and some banana’s are simply just edible. He eats them for the sake of being a monkey, but yet he does question does apples taste better? There’s no such restriction of his ethics but yet somewhat believes that the established jungle laws, simply does not apply.

His monkey lady ripped his heart out and ate everything with eyes and says “I never appreciated you, and you are simply bizarre ever since you made a banana for me.” Nothing hurts this monkey more than anything else, but of course knowing that whats unique can somewhat turn common. He accepts that his perception of monkeys has turned to common people.

He jumps around other tree’s to see other views of the method jumping, but yet finds himself high on burning herbs. Trust the monkey when he says “nothing hurts more to see that you’re jumping art in defending your friends, are worth every penny is just less appreciated.”

Its a typical teenage life for most monkeys, but its apparently quick and ignorant of its foundation of flying and about, hoping that a sharp edge of wood would slit this monkey’s wrist. At least he died high.

This is a monkey tale is a monkey’s view about life, what more could a monkey ask for when he meets Gandhi. Another monkey that decides to stop everything through starvation. This monkey would kill to die in vain like Gandhi did. Its just that this monkey has lost his touch in being the greatest pals for other monkeys that he simply becomes creepy. Monkey finally finds justice, a woman supposedly completely blind, but when this monkey inspect its blind folded cloth, there’s a hole in it somewhere. She whispers to this monkey “I’m bored of weighing whats right, I just get the kick of seeing whats appreciated as human simply die with agony”

This monkey pauses, and felt bewildered of such statements and decides to walk to what the religions call, the golden path and finds another woman famous for her lovely charm laying her head on this monkey’s shoulder and holding hands, but whispers, “this means nothing to me, and you’re nothing in trade for”

This monkey flies off to another place only to find a slot of redemption and suffering. Based on adrenaline rush, he jumps on suffering to truly know, how heartless an ape can be. A female ape appears, and mentions “despite your efforts and quality of a friend, you are eventually zero quality.

Yes you have made me laugh, and yes you have made me felt inspired, but I am willing to throw you aside in a complete heartless way”

This monkey offers nothing left. His heart is nothing left and he now jumps around the same old trees.

He questions the nature and finds that he either dies of being gunned down, or befriends with Hunter, and share the same fate by blowing his monkey brains along with him. He eventually found paradise in feeling nothing.

Please kill me

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