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indie meat

Outback Delight.

Coventional can get repetitive, especially with food. Each human being could not eat the same meal for the rest of their lives. Even if you could imagine your favourite dish, could you devour it every single, living day of your short reality?

Indomie Goreng – Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner – repeat till you bowels bleed.

Variety is the spice of life. Trying something new each day can revitalise your fascination, and in this case excite your tastebuds. If you’re conservative with your eating habits, why not step out of your shell and try something different. There are almost 195 independent countries in the world, which would equate to double the amount of unique dishes that you could sample.

In China and Korea, you could feast on the ‘Earth’s mutton’; which is dog meat. If your love for the domestic animal is unconditional, then head to Vietnam and feast on some feline instead. However, if domestic animals are really a taboo in your books, Papua New Guinea has an interesting marination process, where certain native ethnic groups, breastfeed piglets and then serve them for dinner.

Even dishes that share familiarity worldwide such as the ‘Burger’ will have a local twist in each country. In Malaysia the Ramly burger has even become a ‘national’ dish.

Visit Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne look out for Banjo’s Burgers stall. If you’re bored of conventional meat such as Chicken, Beef, Lamb, and Fish; Banjo’s Burgers offers an outback selection that’ll keep your eyebrow raised.

Exotic Eatery

A majority cringe when glancing at the sign, but there were those who could not contain their salivation when given the opportunity to consume such creatures that were once not imagined to be settling in your belly.

The line was impressively long, and shriekingmonkeys waited anxiously, but patiently, to join the curious public in devouring these ‘exotic’ animals.

We paid $8.50 for a Kangaroo burger, intimately known as a ‘Roo’ burger, and a ‘croc’ burger for $9.00.

I decided on a Croc burger because I was fed up with the aggresive power of the creature, in instilling fear in human beings (Steve Irwin an exception) with their ferocious teeth and stoic looking stare that shouts ‘Imma eat you bitch’.

Well, crocodile, I had the power now, and you’re in palms waiting to be tortured in my mouth. The tables had turned.

Roo meat is low fat, lean, and is very tender. However it has the qualities of lamb which has a high level of nitrate, which can give you a ‘heaty’ effect and leaving light headed. Croc meat is unique in its taste, it has an ambiguity of tasting like salmon and beef, probably because the animal lives in water and devours human beings (and other forest/bush creatures as well I guess).

It was an interesting meal, and it could be suggested that you could get addicted to croc meat because of its unfamiliar taste. I find some slight guilt in consuming Australia’s icon, because they’re so damn cute, and you could give Roo meat a pass because of its ‘heaty’ qualities. Leave culling kangaroos by running them on the highway (they’re considered a pest now before you judge) and instead consume the cold blooded lizard, and end their tyranny of eating our species.

So when your out next, try something different, if you love meat, try something new, it doesn’t have to be something so outlandish, you could even make peace with the vegeterians and try some Tofu chicken or beef instead. Whatever it is, your tongue is the strongest muscle in the body, and enjoys curiousty with its tastebuds. Do it a favour, try something weird, different, and keep you sense of taste invigorated with something fresh.

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Founder of shriekingmonkeys - My interests span from quirky culture to anything that dares to amuse my highly-desensitized nature.

2 responses to “indie meat

  1. Caryn Lim ⋅

    I know this store!! Crocodile tastes like chicken only better!

    • ariffjunior ⋅

      Like the chicken was drenched in a pile of fish? It was pretty unique, wouldn’t do it again, the taste is too exotic for my tongue!

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