(Malaysian) Music Autumn Festival

Musika Musim Luruh is set to take off next Wednesday to entertain the Malaysian kids in Melbourne, and to impress the locals with a taste of South East Asian talent.

Having blessed with a great venue at the Prince Bandroom, and having featured in The Star expect the vast Malaysian community in Melbourne to converge in St Kilda to catch the likes of Hujan, Liyana Fizi (Of Estrella), the Pilgrimz, Bedroom Sanctuary, Kugiran D’Tepi Pantai,Broken Scar and the various indie acts in Victoria who are showcasing and competing for the affections of those in attendance with their talent.

One of the bands performing that has caught the glimpse of shriekingmonkeys is Super Metronome. Having a preview of the two tracks found on their Myspace, their sound is reminiscent of Miami Horror and Van She.  The electronic rock band is one to keep an eye on.

So if you’ve got no plans over the Easter Break, head over, and support some Malaysian Music.

It’ll be a great show.


Ah, Rempits.

Today I typed in Rempits in Youtube, and I clicked the first link that appeared, and this is what I got:

I was pretty amazed at the production value of this video, not to say I have my negative biases towards these rebellious individuals but I have learnt something positively new through my naivety.

Firstly, this particular rempit(s) have a pretty decent taste of music, I loved Bomfunk MC’s (when I was, like twelve), and dubbing in ‘A Thousand Miles’ by Vanessa Carlton was an unarguably, a very artistic touch.

I was most surprised that they have knowledge in video editing.

(I mean, God damn! They’ve integrated a countdown at the start of the video, that’s friggin’ amazing, I don’t even know how to do that!)

I detest the danger that these individuals put the public and themselves into. However, the stunts they perform, are just so, bloody, spectacular.

Just look at these two idiots in the video, They’re using their combined strength and balance, to maneuver that scooter God knows how many kilometres, whilst, doing a wheelie!

I’m assuming these individuals are either in jail or doing heroin at the moment. Whatever it is. Through their idiocy, rempits never fail to spark humour with me.

Her name was Sylvia, Sylvia Salvia.

Sylvia Salvia. The terror in her introduction has infected this monkey with intense experience, in some sense of fear for the next time this experience should ever be done. Not far away, four monkeys embarked in their own journey in a small hut with metal furniture as surroundings for theater. I’ve decided to meet this notoriously known herb, for which she introduced herself violently for the first 10 seconds, and slowly she caressed me no better than any woman has ever had.

The beginning was a simple hello to a dark shaped tea herbs and I started to wonder, “Would this make me feel healthy instead of the simple plain standby feel?” The look was however, very deceiving. She’s probably the worst looking herbal prostitute, and the taste is like kissing a woman who brushed her teeth using nothing but rotten garlic.

And after this very first experience with Sylvia Salvia, she made sure I remembered her well.

After a brief session of what Sylvia’s potential political torture, it was advised not to speak, move, lean and laugh. For which neither, did I not fully take into consideration and let insanity does its best to me.

Sylvia Salvia, once you burn her in this special made pipe with a distracting red flashing light around it, you think nothing about what you’re about to inhale and you let your guard down with this powerful sense of herb. After kissing her, it kicks you without hesitation regardless of how powerful this shield you are protecting yourself with. Know this, Sylvia is strong enough to penetrate this god damn shield. Leaving me, with 10 seconds of the worst trip of my life.

The feel of it?

Your mind suddenly leans to one side. My theory for now, if you’re right handed you will lean to your right side. Its simply unexplainable. I started to feel more than what a usual monkey would feel. I felt as if there was a nearby magnet, pulling my mind towards it. Panic! I stood up, walked out from that hut with metal furniture desperately wanting to ask “Sylvia, What have you done to me?”. I walked and ran to where this right side of energy is pulling me into. The other monkey’s panic with this sight and asked me to come back in and sit down. This strong magnetic standby however, felt like it was like as if some actual chimpanzee spiked your drink just to get in your pants. I strike fear on a fellow monkey who has not tried Sylvia. The look on his face was never the same of how he would most likely resort into the same Standby room.

The company of Pink Floyd’s ‘Us and Them”, reached its peak and this is where your mind is left vulnerable. Mary Jane was never like this, she was chilled and allowed us to multitask with peace in the Standby room. Sylvia, simply did not believe in foreplay. She calms you down for awhile after stepping on your mind, and you slowly start to endure and sit tight. After Pink Floyd was done, the chaotic Lou Reed’s “satellite of love” started to peak as well. Leaving your mind fully focused on this unorthodox self discovery path. Paranoia. My advice:

Don’t ever put on Radiohead when you meet Sylvia, she will make sure you understand their lyrics

Of course it all depends on individuality. If you believe in many things, these many things will most likely appear in front of you. Sylvia Salvia is a psycho active herb that will make you actually see, what a jungle your mind is. The possible creatures never seen before could only exist in this imaginative mind of yours and to truly know how to get there, is not by standby, only Sylvia could show you the way.

She finishes you off in just half an hour or less. But remember, because of her, she has officially formed a strange living thing in your mind, knocking your inner skull till it hurts. The trick is, just like Mary Jane, never ever fight it. Once you inhale it, let it conquer you. Don’t even put an armour up to defend yourself. She’ll come in with the biggest bull no matter what colour cape you put in front of it, it will ram you down. Caress Sylvia and she will slide herself on your skin comfortably. With Mary Jane, its easy to fight her and its not painful because she knocks your door before entering. Sylvia, is just not your average herb.

However, sobering down with Velvet Underground’s “Venus in furs’, the world started going at its normal pace. You start remembering where you are in the first place. And slowly, you see Sylvia walking away with a smile knowing, that you will not see her for the longest time. I however, would want to see her again once in every reasonable amount of months.

Or maybe soon…

Open your mind

‘MONOPHONE’ @ Limkokwing University

We all know that there is a shitload of Indonesians in Malaysia, whether they are here for work or for their studies. We all also know that Indonesians are an expert at having a good time.

When we put the two elements together in a stove, add some sugar, a pinch of salt, and possibly some secret ingredient, we get MONOPHONE – an event hosted by the Merah Putih Club & GEMA of Limkokwing University.

Merah Putih is a club consisting of Indonesian students currently studying in Limkokwing’s Cyberjaya Campus. GEMA is its supporting committee that focuses on musical projects.

MONOPHONE’s objective isn’t just about getting all Indonesian students in Malaysia together to have a good time,

It’s about getting everyone together, regardless of their nationalities or race or religion.

If you and music are in a love affair, and send each other love letters and chocolates on Valentines day, you are welcomed to MONOPHONE!

The event must be one of the largest music events of the year hosted by Indonesian students. And how have I become so cocky with this piece of information? Well, for starters,they had 12 performances which included Indonesian music bands from campuses across Malaysia (this included bands from Sunway, HELP, MMU and Limkokwing), Malaysian local acts, a dance performance by ‘Undecided’, and… as the icing on top, a special guest star than flew all the way from Jakarta…

Are you ready for it?  legendary-Indonesian-rockband NETRAL!

Other bands that performed last Friday included D’Jozz, Alice and the Hippies, Sunday Carousel, Night Act, Portgas, Farhan and In Case God Fails.

Alice and the Hippies

In Case God Fails, brought both wistful and upbeat covers of Passion Pit, Friendly Fires and Pulp. Sunday Carousel, formally known as Bit the Medusa, brought on some playful chiptunes that included covers of Lily Allen and Owl City. And the list goes on… each band brought its own dose of melodic versatility and made this event a truly diverse musical event.

In Case God Fails

From 6pm onwards, the Hall of Fame auditorium in Limkokwing began to fill in until around 10pm, when the master Jedis of rock, Netral, came on stage to blow us away with their awesomeness.

They played an array of songs from their past and current albums such as ‘Sorry’, ‘Cinta Gila’, ‘Pertempuran Hati’, as well as soundtracks from both Garuda Di Dadaku and Laskar Pelangi, Netral flirted away with the crowd through each string of the guitar, beat of the drums, and melody of the vocals.

Netral's Drummer Coki

The crowd went into a frantic chaos when notorious drummer, Eno, took off his shirt…

(Okay, I exaggerated…that was just the ladies.)

So, an overall great night- two thumbs up (and possibly some toe-thumbs too) to Merah Putih Club & GEMA as well as all organizers and sponsors that made this event happen.

We will be looking forward to the next installment of MONOPHONE or any future Merah Putih Club event!

Ad Free

(graphic by ~SaharaKnoblauch)

Billboards, commercials, and brands are seen everyday, by everybody, everywhere.

They are the essential tools of mass media through marketing and public relations to instill a psychological desire to want that certain thing.

May it be that new Spring catalogue Gucci handbag, those redefined Air force One Nikes, or choosing between Pepsi or Coke.

From liking either Hip Hop or Pop, or being in a band, or becoming a Deejay.

To your conception of beauty, asserting a liberal or conservative belief, and establishing the personality that defines you.

Media is a massive force in telling you what you want, or want to do.

Mass media and globalization has made the world a smaller place, and has converged cultures and societies to somewhat a western dominated culture influenced by American society. Be it as it may, Is this really the culture we want to follow? Or the culture we are told to follow?

In its proponent we understand the world much more clearly and perceive it more openly. But, it also presents conformity, that we, are just carbon copies of each other, and although we try to force individuality, we often find that we all conform similarly to our other peers.

Now, imagine that marketing proved no meaning.

Where you would walk down the street and see no signs of advertising, no commercial breaks on television or on the radio, and every product was one generic brand.

Do you think our perception of life would be different? Would we be free to think independently on what we really want and need? Would individuality really exist?

With the products we buy, the things we wear, our perception of beauty, moral compass, and our needs and wants.

Are our choices in life really ours to decide?

(Photo by ~loganart)

Wicked Aura Batucada @ Prince Bandroom


One glance at their Mohawk haircuts and black outfits, you might think that Wicked Aura Batucada is a punk rock band. But if you’re from Singapore, you will be very familiar with this 6-year-old band.

This thirteen-man outfit is a one of a kind, funky percussion army. Ranging from school music teachers to a police officer, this band is made up of strong men (biceps included) in their mid 20s to mid 40s who have travelled several continents with their performances – in countries like Spain, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, South Korea, China and Thailand.

Wicked Aura Batucada was recently in Melbourne to open for The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra’s debut, Afro-Beat album launch at The Prince Bandroom; St Kilda’s on March 13th 2010.

Upon hearing the crazily synchronized drumming skills of the band, one might associate this band with the movie, Drumline. But give it a couple of minutes later, it completely overshadows that thought when this band bursts out with groovy beats and yes, even vocals by frontman, Idham Budiman, that will excite your pulse and jolt those sleepy feet and got every one dancing to their songs.

This percussion band includes a guitarist and a bassist and played smooth and groovy tunes like “Brothers Gonna Work it Out” where the Wicked boys swayed sexily with their instruments on stage to adrenalin-pumping and energy-boosting original like “Fight” to end their set with a bang.

Wicked Aura Batucada truly satisfied the crowd with a full hour of awesome funk that is perfected with the years together as a band which included a tambourine trio display as well as an electrifying guitar solo.

Be sure to don their signature black and green colours at their next gig and wicked it out!

Check them out on their Websites:

Wicked Aura Official Page


1:11 am


Keep your head cool man,

You’re emotionally dispatched from your surroundings.

But why is it you see her photos, a twist, a knot wrenches the heart?

Is it purely human nature, or true feelings of the soul?

Or the Red wine influencing?

The love is gone, and bitterness faded

Much is learnt, and nothing is left regretted.

The future is yours to achieve,

But what is missing?

Your mind is clear, but your heart lost in emotion

In what direction do you choose to lead?

Wealth? Success? or Power?

Love Perhaps?

So, What is important

and what is not?

Matters of the heart makes a mind wander,

The decisions left pondering:

“For better or worse.”

The choices seem to lead to an empty nuance,

You are Confident, but somewhat lost.

What is wrong with you?

What more do you want?

(photo by ~Fullmoonlover)

After The China Milk…Now It’s China Slippers

When you think China, the word “Cheap” comes to mind: Cheap products, Cheap labour, Cheap food, and Cheap hookers.

Concentrating on the inexpensive products that come out from the People’s republic, I’m assuming with the thrifty price tags on the stuff that the country exports, it must practice greater ‘efficiency’ in the production process of these products.

I mean, forget morales, let’s focus on the economic perspective of hiring a million child workers.

With a greater supply of human labour, more products can be made to meet the global demand of Nike Shoes, Blackberries, and Anime figurines.

Since these kids literally eat cheap dog meat and work 23 hours a day, this means sweet mothefucking profit margins and lowered costs that would make Google cry.

Corruption does not exist with theoretical communism. But China thrives on the practicality of ‘under the table’ cash flow, which maybe, a couple of Yuan may have kept an eye shut when inspecting these babies:

Infectious Hawaiian slippers!

On the surface they look like non-threatening footwear.

But if you look beyond the pink colored horizon, palm trees, and hibiscus flowers, there is some radical toxins brewing with the plastic that transform your feet to look like this:

Gross, Gangrenous Feet

Plastic is rich in chemicals Thiuram and Dithiocarbamates, which is used in the production of the material, and can cause severe allergic reaction to sensitive feet when found in excessive amounts, which may lead to some serious looking warts, v-shaped scaring, and your friends twitching in fright when starting at your infected, zombie foot.

Dr. Nanette Silverberg from the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York has pinpointed that the chemicals in the plastic is the main cause of the infection.

““When you have a contact allergy like that, it’s not usually latex but one of the ingredients used to process rubber,” she said.

“Latex allergies are generally more severe, with hives, inhalational reaction where a blood test is conducted.”

These slippers have been imported worldwide, and can be easily found at your nearest Big W, Wal-mart, Giant, and pasar malam.

The feet in the images are attached to Kerry Stiles from Florida, where in her website she graphically describes the ‘seeping liquid’ that pusses out from the burns, which makes me want to puke in my mouth take action against the relevant Quality control authorities who allowed such a toxic product loose into our ‘environmentally concerned’ society.


You maybe drawn in by the tropical, floral designs, probably painted by some 3 year old Chinese child, but force yourself to look away from the $2 price tag, because those slippers may make your feet look like you were walking barefooted in Chernobyl.