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Alyssa Bernal marry me.

I am attracted to people who can sing. Especially those who resemble Vanessa Hudgens and make my ears feel like it was massaged by a cloud.

There’s a whole sleuth of people on Youtube picking up their acoustic guitar and belting a pretty ordinary cover of a song, and she fits in the category; but she’s adorable.

So adorable that it makes me want to cry.

I apologize for the superficiality of this, but I just enjoy how her nose crinkles when she sings. I believed that’s newsworthy enough, because it makes me tingle in euphoria and I’m pretty sure it’ll make most of the male readers grin and salivate too.

(Notice the fat dude in the back chomping on some chocolate and pretending to play the guitar. Autism is awesome!)

Alyssa Bernal@ Myspace

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Founder of shriekingmonkeys - My interests span from quirky culture to anything that dares to amuse my highly-desensitized nature.

2 responses to “Alyssa Bernal marry me.

  1. Amir Yunos ⋅

    She is so hot!

    I want her too

  2. SOMRN ⋅

    I’d like to buy her an island.

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