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Deep fried Heart Attack

So good lah.

Good health is a virtue that everyone should upkeep. Regular exercise and a nutritious diet will keep your body in tip top condition. One should uphold a regular exercise regiment and maintain healthy eating habits to maintain a sharp mind and a fit body. However, once a sign suggests deep fried chocolate, forget such wisdom, and let loose on chomping on some goodness that was once imagined impossible to even comprehend.

Best of the Best?

Many fish and chip restaurants and cafes offer deep fried battered Mars bars but Surf Seafood in Bondi Beach, Sydney, claim that they offer the best of best of this delicious delight. You may seem skeptical on the taste of fried Chocolate, but this writer has to admit that the warm, melted goodness of chocolate and caramel that flooded his mouth made him tear up, and imagined if happiness was a flavor, if that sensation in his mouth was that flavor.

It was a different story when digested, it felt like a brick clogged up my arteries, and hypertension almost ensued. But it was somewhat a bittersweet feeling, that if I died from that meal, I would’ve passed on a happy man.

Fat boy fantastic

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2 responses to “Deep fried Heart Attack

  1. Amir Yunos ⋅

    You ugly child.

    I had it before at New York New York, at One Utama. It felt like a getting raped by god and he jizzed in my mouth.

  2. Amir Yunos ⋅

    Whats funny about this, is that under POSSIBLY RELATED POSTS:

    It says there ‘Nama Chocolates’ (Understandable,obviously), Gym Exercise Fitness (In case you’re scared shitless of weight), and ‘MOVE LIKE TARZAN’ which i’m guessing. Ariff’s FACE!

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