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Future Rain Festival

Work Hard, Play Hard

Its a familiar phrase used to dictate how a person should live his life to maintain a good balance. Having a strong will to succeed can keep you motivated in any aspect of your life, and will prove beneficial to your occupation, career, social life, and family relationships. It seems like a possible idea to uphold by, however human nature will always indulge on one side and disregard the other. Working too hard could lead to a possible mental breakdown, and basking in too much leisurely activity will get you no where in life.

Future Music Festival at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne yesterday, was a prime example where people took their partying a little too hard. The highlight of the day was not focused that the like’s of The Prodigy, David Guetta, Franz Ferdinand, and Bookashades were headlining – it was the torrid weather that stole the show.

Melbourne is well known for its unpredictability with its weather, you could experience all four seasons in one day here. It could be chilled in the morning, sunny midday, windy in the afternoon, and surprise you with tundra-like conditions at night.

Revelers at Future Music Festival experienced this at its full glory and power. The day was surrounded by mud, sludge, drenched clothing, and fluro raincoats due to the (un)expected downpour that occurred.

Shit weather = Fun

Considering the severity of rain, you would expect most of the attendees would be left dejected and miserable on blowing $145 on a ticket, and spending the majority of the day finding shelter. A reasonable person would consider his health and safety, and head back home to avoid any mishaps or sickness. Having said that, there is no such thing as a reasonable raver, especially Melbournians, who kept their shuffle moves and dance routines (moving on the spot awkwardly, I’d like to call it) charged up the entire event.

shriekingmonkeys took in consideration of not spreading another pandemic, and stayed under shelter of “The Likes of you” tent the entire event to avoid contracting Monkey Flu (M1N1). We were left in awe to observe the amount of dedication that people pour into having fun. You could see numerous people basking and braving the weighty rain the open fields of the racecourse, motivated by the opportunity to catch their favorite artist.

Your mother would always remind you never to play in the rain, but I guess no one listens to their mothers. If you consider yourself as a devoted party animal, a fucking earthquake would not stop your rhythm, and Melbourne ravers forgot about the torrid conditions of weather, and concentrated purely to the music.

Energy and Euphoria was on a high, with hard hitting bass lines from John Digweed to the hypnotic minimal sounds of Bookashades kept everyone in the tent distracted from the environmental conditions, and engulfed them in the essence of electronica. There were some that was so absorbed in the music that they entered a possessed, trance-like state, and we assumed by the unique, and unorthodox way that they were dancing, that these individuals had figured how to perform the rain dance because the showers kept going at its greatest intensity the whole night through.

It won’t be surprising if private clinics and pharmacies would be raking in extra revenue tomorrow, as we’re sure a majority of people at Future Music had contracted some sort of sickness. Its Labour day weekend, so most will return on Tuesday, however many will push for a medical certificate, to recover from a fucking massive weekend their unexpected illnesses.

Melbournians showed that they take their partying seriously and in the highest integrity, demonstrating an utmost perseverance in achieving their goals of having an awesome time.

Well thats the easy part, come Tuesday, I wonder if the public can demonstrate such motivation and energy in their workplace. If they can uphold a healthy balance in their lives, and converge all the blissful emotions, confidence, and positive minded attitude from partying hard to working hard.

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