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Remakes approved for States!

The evaluation of certain copies and remakes of movies, television series and even game shows are often depicted in our society in Malaysia. It is often either stepped on or being spat on when you see such remakes of these ‘original’ tv series that was made into our own definition. The obvious evaluation is not only circulating around the fact that it is unoriginal, but it formulates the minds of the locals believing that the original concept has been made contact with perhaps an inner depth of hate towards your own race, country and even the slang could even throw you off the balcony.

Take example, American Idol (although concept not originally from them), everyone started depicting their series. Malaysian Idol was one. Have you taken notice of the disgust the high life of society expresses that it was unoriginal therefore disgusting perhaps? Main reason of why the locals would shout “down with copying American series” is mainly this small ball of creature with fur in their black hearts believing that their own country should never depict anything from the states, or even the original series that came from European countries.

Is it just me or are the current South East Asian crowd of civilians just worship the daylights of the western concept of life? It’s either these western crowd get rejected politely or worshiped as a god for coming up with great idea’s of a series. Have we South East Asians been kneeling down all this while, or is this just a young naive mid 20’s or younger crowd who believes in such pathway. What have we to become? What is this invisible ray of shield that cannot be seen by these cold-blooded lizards who claims these Original series not only should they not be depicted, but never be made by the local effort. Never be touched, and never be spoken by their native tongue.

Now I ask you before I commence verbal violence to your windows 95 mindset, The Americans have made countless of remakes and somewhat, I ask you now, is that better than what we’re doing? I could never forgive the fact that they made ‘REC’ an original Spanish series into their own which was called “Quarantine”. It’s not a disgust feel, it’s just that the world should know that them Spaniards could think of such great idea’s even by themselves. Weren’t we all sick when they made their own versions of The Grudge, The Eye and many other countless Japanese Horror Movies?

American (Remake)

Spanish Version (Original)

Weren’t some of us became sick to the stomach just watching such horrendous actions? I personally never cared despite the exact emotion description of seeing one, but the main attacking point for me right here, is the bias thoughts by wealthy upper class lizards who feels that our permission to follow what the western did, is simply disgusting but it is perfectly fine for them to copy others.

Here’s my verbal machine gun, fuck your swimming skills and get out of that shallow pool of yours. Support our local scene with an open door. Don’t just shoot without reasoning. I’ve stayed in Italy for a month which is long enough to see that they even THEY have their own Doraemon dubbed in Italian. But these slimes feels that it doesn’t sooth any of their pain to hear a Malay version of it?

Cut off your tongue and donate it to the ‘Kneel and suck their dicks’ association. I would kill just to see Chairman Mao, conveying the spirit of Asia’s best minds, and lead a revolution due to us just remaking a version of our own, was simply brushed aside when it is PERFECTLY FINE that the west is doing such as well.

You might as well set fire to your house and not allow any local fireman to save your ass. Then we’ll see what Cliche REALLY means!

Here’s some medical healing liquor for you, who cares if Asia’s got their own Amazing Race or The biggest Loser. Its not original but hey, it gives us Asian an equal chance to compete physically and push ourselves, just like how anyone else could! Stop building a self-righteous block of walls to convince yourself that we Malaysian’s aren’t original. To be fair, your complain about it is obviously not original too! It’s probably passed on by some other leech far down the gallops of ignorance, simply too fond of themselves to even care about their benefits here. Between the west and the east, we’re no better, neither are they. We’re equally fucked up and equally charmed under the same exact sun.

Why stay under the shade where most of the shit idea’s literally flushed out from the toilet bowl, are where them lizards would be camping. They’re just too familiar with the smell and rather bath themselves around it that’s why.

Don’t go too far when you’re bitching about your country following a series that has been created. Trust me, we’re not alone. A lot of countries do that too, even self proclaim masters of the world countries does remake from others too.

It would really sadden me though, like a fingernail being plucked out slowly by the weakest person on earth, if this were to be made into a replica of their own: REC 2

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