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Peace is Sold

Peace at War

War at Peace. Peace at War

Watch the horses run towards the finish line

For your protector of arms will not be too kind

Careful when running for you might break a bone

It ends your freedom of marathon into a silent tone

Now run and keep running till you can buy you own

Don’t look back when you’ve seen the fires all grown

The slot machines called peace has gone out of hand

To the power disease only held by women and men

Go ahead and stop for the children crying with a scar

Please you should hurry for they are not that far

Otherwise their spells will form your smiling thought

Into a raging human with no fear of what love has fought

For even cancer may be the cure for that pain

For even bullets are no longer a fear again

They are tired of piercing through our brothers

They are tired of ending the lives of daughters

How is the pessimist going to conquer us this time

How is the optimist comforting us during his climb

Will they use a peace symbol to start a war soon?

Or will a gun bring us peace by noon?


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