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Phoenix @ Festival Hall

Can you remember a time that made your heart wrench in delight. Where the emotions of excitement and jubilation filled your veins, and made you feel full with contentment?

Phoenix did just that to a full house of excited fans last Friday.

From their success from their Grammy Award winning album ‘Wolfgang Armadeus’ the French band stuck smiles across Festival Hall, exciting the crowd with their riveting performance and exemplary showmanship. Playing a mixture of songs from their new and old albums, from “If I ever feel Better’ to ‘Lisztomania’.It kept fans and new listeners engulfed in enjoyment the entire night.

Live shows define a respectable band, if they sound good on record they should naturally sound good live. With current technology in sound engineering, recording and remastering a song can sound flawless on track, but this illusion fades when playing live, and cuts the divide with a band with a natural sound or one which is heavily manufactured.

Phoenix earned this respect. They took the songs intimately cherished by the audience, and delivered them flawlessly in a way that will not be forgotten.

The crowd was jumping, singing along, and clapped on command. The atmosphere in hall  heated up to uncomfortable levels, ironically, because of the warm feeling of fulfillment and blissfulness simmered deep in the souls of everyone in the crowd.

It was an extremely good night.

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One response to “Phoenix @ Festival Hall

  1. Nurun ⋅

    Looks damn awesome man. Gua jeles! I hope they come this way soon.

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