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Insects @ Io Myers Studio

(Design by Paul Matthews)

Butterfly orgies, ant wars, and financial portfolios literally covered in shit. A manic cast of eccentric, possessed insects portray a surreal sense of the sombre irony that is found in the flaws of our society, with our obsession with sexuality, our weakness in power, and our greedy desire for success.

Insects! An UNSW student production directed by Ben Winspear had its run at the Io Meyer’s Studio at UNSW, Sydney. shriekingmonkeys was able to catch their finale and capture fellow monkey ainamcar participate in some insectum debauchery.

“An adaption of the Capek brothers’ 1922 play Ze zivota hmyzu, it is a parabolic satire of human desire, consumption and productivity. The work follows a displaced human traveller as he encounters a world inhabited by humanoid insects, a world which he increasingly comes to see as a more efficient, austere and de-mythologized reflection of human society, and which he ultimately encounters and is suffocated by the terrifying image of his own reflection”

It was an extremely graphic performance leaving eyebrows raised as pre-expectations believed it to be a much more docile, contemporary play, but instead, observed something that would be described simply as: Utmost chaos done tastefully well.

An hour of flashing strobe lights, eerily haunting sound effects, and an array of demented insects performed brilliantly by the student cast created an atmosphere that kept the audience invigorated with awe.

A standing ovation, and an individual pat on the back for the each cast member. Its hard to shock the writers at shriekingmonkeys (which you guys did!), however, it was a show that would linger in our minds, understanding the fact that we, are just mindless insects, buzzing around the organized chaos that we call modern society.

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Founder of shriekingmonkeys - My interests span from quirky culture to anything that dares to amuse my highly-desensitized nature.

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