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The Standby Room

The trip to this room is awfully tricky. You stumble for a bit and hit a rough patch as if hitting your leg on furniture in a dark room. It’s mentally spinning but the stairs leads you to a peaceful ambiance, possibly defined as the 7th layer of heaven. You may have achieved such stature by just flying on your own airlines by smoke, inhaling and letting go. The next thing you know, you’re in this very comfortable room, and it is called, The Standby Room

The vanity of this room is that it is controversially comfortable that even god was amazed of the strong peace bond that happens in this room. The name Standby alone already means a pause of time, unpleasant times, hatred and other negative energies all eventually destroyed.

A room with intimate bond between apes and monkeys jumping about, in their own definition of what the room is; The standby room basically defines your absolute comfort zone. It is a room spent only with your favourite and inspiring apes with laughter within mindless and actual funny scenes, wisdom that makes sense now or years to come and the value of presence in the people you love most. Its an empty room with the usual seats of your imaginative preferences of how the room would look like.

Personally, once the weed kicks in, the trip to the room is usually a slight chaos but comfortable once you sit down facing your familiar lovable faces. The room is strictly in your preference.

For me however, I have always imagined a dark dimmed red room with comfortable seats. The scene changes from time to time on mood if someone takes a guitar and play or when we have role plays and even hardcore laughing so genuine, that you forget the reality location that you were in.

Where ever you maybe, as long as you are under the influence of this intoxicating effect, regardless if it’s at Wendy’s Fast food, Mc Donalds, A car, even in your best friend’s room, this IMAGINATIVE room usually is what you see, feel and breathe.

The room doesn’t have to be luxurious, just seats and depending in where you are, the music, movies and many other items need to be used during Standby, will be the decoration of the room.

My Ambition Standby Room

Standby Room (Munchies)

This is one of my rough ideas of a standby room, especially when its a gathering filled with a high case of munchies. This is how I would imagine the ambiance of when the whole lot of monkeys would gather in their own seats eating their foods with delight, relaxed and feel so belonged that even the rest would not be ashamed of dreaming about their freedom while munching. Although, it is not THAT luxurious as the picture above, imagine something more humble.

The Standby Room (Artistic)

This standby room, is mainly when the self claim artistic side that conquers your mind with inspiring music if someone plays the guitar and sings, writes a story and even paint a picture of different definition of peace. You would listen, observe and speak to your much adored monkeys in the most non provoking manner that inspiration is your comfortable couch, the beautiful soothing feel when you close your eyes and feel vulnerably inspired.

Standby Room (Social Seats)

This room, in my preferences defines the ultimate social gathering room. The profound explanation of the Standby Room where you sit closely to your much unforgettable partners and share laughter, wisdom, enjoying the ridiculous fun games and even the artistic measure is portrayed even closely here as well. (Keep in mind that these rooms are ROUGHLY the idea of a my preferences as a standby room design.)

The concept is an available room with the usual seats when this gathering trip occurs and the usual seats among those you love, are already set in mind. This is the best room for me, the chill out room that feels also like a lounge but the aura and priceless history created here with your monkeys is forever within these fictional walls.

Waking the subconscious

Other than the Standby rooms that is roughly projected in the pictures above, the term Standby is mainly pausing in time. Letting the world wait while you’re fun is far from over. The beautiful journey of triggering your hidden poetic opinions into a simple flow of definitions. You’re desire for peace is greater, and your creativity of wit and even nonsensical humour would appeal well.

It proves quotes like “time flies by when you’re having fun” completely wrong. It brings the best out of you, and perhaps maybe accept that perfection is not the main theme we chase, but the thrill and moments with your buddies during Standby, is utterly profound. It can be shameful when they’re seats are cold, the possible inspiration may not be there, but in spirit and hope, it cannot be broken, this powerful bond.

The downfall of the Standby room however, although you maybe in complete standby with those who ventured to the room with you, but those who are completely sober, are the ones who can painfully drag you back into this ugly paradox of reality. Where time travels in a normal pace, and the ugly world looks at you in the eye. Although these sober people maybe in the room with you in reality, they are actually this white noise similar to an interrupted signal that their presence in the Standby Room is still invisible. Sobering up, makes your friends disappear too and you’re no longer in either of your ‘rooms’.

Going Standby

In the left world of works and pain. What forces our ethics and conscience to sleep, the freedom that we cannot fight for, is emotionally unleashed when you’re on standby. I quote John Lennon

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

The standby room is a reality to give. Becoming our reality. Becoming our right world of love and peace. It’s not an escape pod, its us dreaming when we’re awake. Its peace when the world is at war. Its us breaking this cage with our self grown wings of freedom.


2 responses to “The Standby Room

  1. ariffjunior ⋅

    Marijuana is magical 🙂

  2. ellephont ⋅

    you nailed it amir, this is exactly where i go everytime i’m stoned. 🙂

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