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Bitch please

The frustration towards women of how men expects a very extreme sense of slavery from them, is simply unbearable.

The rights they fight for, should exactly be how the hippies were united regardless of their genders to fight against war in Vietnam. Women politicians and corporate executives are slowly gaining up to its par with men when it comes to survival to the fittest. The dreadful threat that men face is the appalling idea that a woman, could lead a country. Its practically watching ignorant versus ignorant female edition.

This is an every battle of dilemma faced by many views of individuals who will try their best to win this unimportant fact about how women should be just as equal as men. Of course the world proves that right by fighting and practically fighting all out for this particular right, as if men with their guns and women could build their own guns in the exact same way.

Do not get me completely wrong, I am all out for women to fight for their diamond figured rights and be just as equal as men. I am DEFINITELY all out impressed for that, and obviously would give a degrading look to any men who believes women are meant to be doing chores, treated as slaves and be treated as an item.

This monkey’s rant does not circulate or touch the domestic part of feminism and masculinity. By all means, between spouses, go all out on being loved as a woman. This is just my own acid pouring down the walls of boredom on woman’s rights based on political views of it. Its simply misguiding in many ways.

However, when you do stand with both feet preaching on your rights.

Do not go on carrying yourself too much. Is it really about proving women can do just as well as men? Is that action proving that you could please the people, or is it just for proving plain simple that women can do it too?

Personally, in my own rapidly developed opinion I would honestly point out:

“Women, do not bother targeting mainly that you are just as a smart and great a man can be. Why? Mainly because its redundant and the main target should be focusing on the problem instead of making sure that other people see this mirror you put in front of you.”

To be fair, if gender was a country, both sides probably has the exact amount of rednecks populating this very own world.

Of course some women would say that there are more in total of clever women than men, which just so you know men says the exact same thing. Do not, I repeat do not give some shit that came out from a politicians unclean ass saying based on statistics, it was proven. Well:

72% of statistics are all made up, including this one”

You’re just like anyone else if you say you’re gender can do better than the other. You’re in this ocean where common intellectual people would meet up and swim just to see who’s sexual organs could swim the fastest, leaving poor fishes who has nothing, still burned with the issue they hope that someone could fight for them. Plain simple, focus on the main issue, not the battle of the sexes.

Nothing annoys more to see women and men trying to compete with each other on which gender is suitable for the world. Its already degrading seeing both sides treating each other as slavery, marrying the rich for fancy cars, house and a luxurious life, thinking the E channel would guide them as if its came out from a book called “Bible for materials”.

The debate here mainly revolves, women equal as men goes without saying. You can’t change that opinion especially if religion supposedly wrote according to some extreme believers I have unexpectedly encounted that it would be the end of the world, if a woman begins to lead (Seriously dudes?)

Men will always be men. =)

The shit I hear from both genders are “I can’t believe she accepts bribes, corrupted to the core! And what is shameful, is that she’s a woman!”

What the fuck is that suppose to mean? What kind of self-righteous shallow river thinking such as that could lead anyone thinking that women cannot be corrupted and be as fucking retarded as men.  Do you really think that if you fight for you right, it would stop there? Convinced everyone already have you? Its the same concept or perhaps a bad example to use, which is how boys would always want to be bad boys and girls would always want to be bad naughty girls. Once you’ve achieved that, end of the road for you. Its like a dog chasing after a rolling stone and once its been caught, there’s nothing more you can achieve after you caught it.

The purposeful reason of the battle has gone astray. The more you try to prove yourself, the more man will always laugh at is as joke. You could always try not giving a shit and proving yourself anyways not based on gender. Nothing annoys anyone more than to NOT get affected by someone who is making fun of you.

Give a smile, and do your fucking work.

Feminism, is great and beautiful. What makes it ugly is that you just try too hard. Like how a guy would not get a clue hitting on a girl in a club when she’s obviously not interested. Move on and set a new target without pushing it too much.

To partially conclude this? Nevermind the bullocks that masculinity puts you down. Nevermind the factor that gender rights should be equal. It already is. You would look equally ugly if you find a good looking dumb douche beside you as a partner if you’re an actual smart girl. Good looking, is just not enough. Your ambitions and vision, will eventually be laughed at. If you’re fighting for feminism, make it through correctly, the whole way.

Just remember, if the world of feminism wants equal rights? Sure, be just as generous, kind and portray intense leadership qualities just as men. But it works both ways.

Being equal also means you can be just as corrupted, unkind, biased and self-righteous as men.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is what you call Woman’s Rights. To be treated as an equal, literally.

If I had my way, if physically disabled people were to pursue on their equal rights, I would make fun of them and rant as much shit to them just as equal as how I would treat my best mates. Just because you don’t have legs doesn’t mean you still can’t be an asshole.

However, as far as the battle of the sexes is concern, Redneck qualities has a very obvious existence  in both gender’s mindsets.

Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy!”

Smart is by brushing aside gender battles and pointing out what is more important. By that, you are probably not listed as women who are treated as tools in the first place.

Otherwise by all means, common yourself!


3 responses to “Bitch please

  1. wita ⋅

    To tell you the truth man, when they talk about equality I constantly think that its demanding a situation of the equal rights and opportunities, like the chance to decide to just seat in front of the TV with the remote control in my hand after a long hard day at work and probably just drink wine or beers talking shit with my friends about this idiot having a prime time show on the TV.
    I get annoyed when people start saying something to me like “but you’re a girl, you can’t do that”. I mean, who gives a fawk? You do what you do, and that’s it, apart from what your ‘package’ is. Btw I still love the idea and the acts of when a guy being a gentleman; kind, loving, supportive and protective towards a woman. I like receiving love letters, I enjoy it when a guy holds the door for me and when a guy confidently tells me that I’m beautiful.
    I don’t wanna have to do all that to a guy, hell no…equality mentioned by the feminism is about understanding each other roles in life and able to live side by side with equal amount of chance and respect. If I demand for ‘equality’; I would want for men to carry wombs with children in prospect for 9 months and own boobs that gets bigger naturally during pregnancy and bear the pain of early period of lactaning too (or at least give these 2 things each a try).
    I don’t think I will get anywhere with these kind of demand. So I guess I’m only hoping for much simplier and more possible stuff on equality, just like other women had been hoping for over a century long. I guess the popular word ‘equality’ is not defined by the women themselves. We do loveeeee to stuffed the fridge with beers and dips and last night’s left overs too. And when we go to work we don’t want to have to worry about what the other party should be having for breakfast, lunch and dinner on our own, please bear with us on this and about the dirty laundry too!

    Yes, my thoughts are focusing on domestic area of work that is actually effecting other area of work directly. This is when equality comes into the picture and if you go back to think about the amount of work women has to perform to some extents of human exsistence and being, should men be all bothered and defensive if some brave, thoughtful and wonderful women experienced sort of ‘inequality’ in their daily lifes, particularly and in the society, generally?
    To speak your deepest mind and thoughts are never an easy thing to do, men knows that most, so it is not not we are proud to brag about this ‘inequality’ and demand for some decent conditions. We (women) would not ask for something we don’t really have, we are only demanding what belongs to us as much as what men believed as ‘men are just being men’ but not necessarily all the things that relate to ego-centrical rights of existence and or promiscuousness.

    Oh crap, what time is it now? Time for my beauty sleep! Please do excuse my messy grammar. English is not my mother tongue 😀 Cheers people!

  2. Amir Yunos ⋅

    I’m so happy that one finally gives the longest comment. Thanks for the comment wita!

    Anyways, your points are well proven. ANd yes, you are defending it in a more domestic area. I am however defending it in a job or social awareness reasons. Your comment has made my article look more complete actually by filling up the domestic part of it.

  3. dudeie ⋅

    hells to the yer thanks guys keepin people entertained for hours on end

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