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After The China Milk…Now It’s China Slippers

When you think China, the word “Cheap” comes to mind: Cheap products, Cheap labour, Cheap food, and Cheap hookers.

Concentrating on the inexpensive products that come out from the People’s republic, I’m assuming with the thrifty price tags on the stuff that the country exports, it must practice greater ‘efficiency’ in the production process of these products.

I mean, forget morales, let’s focus on the economic perspective of hiring a million child workers.

With a greater supply of human labour, more products can be made to meet the global demand of Nike Shoes, Blackberries, and Anime figurines.

Since these kids literally eat cheap dog meat and work 23 hours a day, this means sweet mothefucking profit margins and lowered costs that would make Google cry.

Corruption does not exist with theoretical communism. But China thrives on the practicality of ‘under the table’ cash flow, which maybe, a couple of Yuan may have kept an eye shut when inspecting these babies:

Infectious Hawaiian slippers!

On the surface they look like non-threatening footwear.

But if you look beyond the pink colored horizon, palm trees, and hibiscus flowers, there is some radical toxins brewing with the plastic that transform your feet to look like this:

Gross, Gangrenous Feet

Plastic is rich in chemicals Thiuram and Dithiocarbamates, which is used in the production of the material, and can cause severe allergic reaction to sensitive feet when found in excessive amounts, which may lead to some serious looking warts, v-shaped scaring, and your friends twitching in fright when starting at your infected, zombie foot.

Dr. Nanette Silverberg from the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York has pinpointed that the chemicals in the plastic is the main cause of the infection.

““When you have a contact allergy like that, it’s not usually latex but one of the ingredients used to process rubber,” she said.

“Latex allergies are generally more severe, with hives, inhalational reaction where a blood test is conducted.”

These slippers have been imported worldwide, and can be easily found at your nearest Big W, Wal-mart, Giant, and pasar malam.

The feet in the images are attached to Kerry Stiles from Florida, where in her website she graphically describes the ‘seeping liquid’ that pusses out from the burns, which makes me want to puke in my mouth take action against the relevant Quality control authorities who allowed such a toxic product loose into our ‘environmentally concerned’ society.


You maybe drawn in by the tropical, floral designs, probably painted by some 3 year old Chinese child, but force yourself to look away from the $2 price tag, because those slippers may make your feet look like you were walking barefooted in Chernobyl.

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