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Ad Free

(graphic by ~SaharaKnoblauch)

Billboards, commercials, and brands are seen everyday, by everybody, everywhere.

They are the essential tools of mass media through marketing and public relations to instill a psychological desire to want that certain thing.

May it be that new Spring catalogue Gucci handbag, those redefined Air force One Nikes, or choosing between Pepsi or Coke.

From liking either Hip Hop or Pop, or being in a band, or becoming a Deejay.

To your conception of beauty, asserting a liberal or conservative belief, and establishing the personality that defines you.

Media is a massive force in telling you what you want, or want to do.

Mass media and globalization has made the world a smaller place, and has converged cultures and societies to somewhat a western dominated culture influenced by American society. Be it as it may, Is this really the culture we want to follow? Or the culture we are told to follow?

In its proponent we understand the world much more clearly and perceive it more openly. But, it also presents conformity, that we, are just carbon copies of each other, and although we try to force individuality, we often find that we all conform similarly to our other peers.

Now, imagine that marketing proved no meaning.

Where you would walk down the street and see no signs of advertising, no commercial breaks on television or on the radio, and every product was one generic brand.

Do you think our perception of life would be different? Would we be free to think independently on what we really want and need? Would individuality really exist?

With the products we buy, the things we wear, our perception of beauty, moral compass, and our needs and wants.

Are our choices in life really ours to decide?

(Photo by ~loganart)

About Ariff Azmi

Founder of shriekingmonkeys - My interests span from quirky culture to anything that dares to amuse my highly-desensitized nature.

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