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‘MONOPHONE’ @ Limkokwing University

We all know that there is a shitload of Indonesians in Malaysia, whether they are here for work or for their studies. We all also know that Indonesians are an expert at having a good time.

When we put the two elements together in a stove, add some sugar, a pinch of salt, and possibly some secret ingredient, we get MONOPHONE – an event hosted by the Merah Putih Club & GEMA of Limkokwing University.

Merah Putih is a club consisting of Indonesian students currently studying in Limkokwing’s Cyberjaya Campus. GEMA is its supporting committee that focuses on musical projects.

MONOPHONE’s objective isn’t just about getting all Indonesian students in Malaysia together to have a good time,

It’s about getting everyone together, regardless of their nationalities or race or religion.

If you and music are in a love affair, and send each other love letters and chocolates on Valentines day, you are welcomed to MONOPHONE!

The event must be one of the largest music events of the year hosted by Indonesian students. And how have I become so cocky with this piece of information? Well, for starters,they had 12 performances which included Indonesian music bands from campuses across Malaysia (this included bands from Sunway, HELP, MMU and Limkokwing), Malaysian local acts, a dance performance by ‘Undecided’, and… as the icing on top, a special guest star than flew all the way from Jakarta…

Are you ready for it?  legendary-Indonesian-rockband NETRAL!

Other bands that performed last Friday included D’Jozz, Alice and the Hippies, Sunday Carousel, Night Act, Portgas, Farhan and In Case God Fails.

Alice and the Hippies

In Case God Fails, brought both wistful and upbeat covers of Passion Pit, Friendly Fires and Pulp. Sunday Carousel, formally known as Bit the Medusa, brought on some playful chiptunes that included covers of Lily Allen and Owl City. And the list goes on… each band brought its own dose of melodic versatility and made this event a truly diverse musical event.

In Case God Fails

From 6pm onwards, the Hall of Fame auditorium in Limkokwing began to fill in until around 10pm, when the master Jedis of rock, Netral, came on stage to blow us away with their awesomeness.

They played an array of songs from their past and current albums such as ‘Sorry’, ‘Cinta Gila’, ‘Pertempuran Hati’, as well as soundtracks from both Garuda Di Dadaku and Laskar Pelangi, Netral flirted away with the crowd through each string of the guitar, beat of the drums, and melody of the vocals.

Netral's Drummer Coki

The crowd went into a frantic chaos when notorious drummer, Eno, took off his shirt…

(Okay, I exaggerated…that was just the ladies.)

So, an overall great night- two thumbs up (and possibly some toe-thumbs too) to Merah Putih Club & GEMA as well as all organizers and sponsors that made this event happen.

We will be looking forward to the next installment of MONOPHONE or any future Merah Putih Club event!

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  1. Nala ⋅

    sorry, i think you wrote ‘Netral’s Drummer Coki’ down near the picture of the drummer, it is actually Eno.

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