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(Malaysian) Music Autumn Festival

Musika Musim Luruh is set to take off next Wednesday to entertain the Malaysian kids in Melbourne, and to impress the locals with a taste of South East Asian talent.

Having blessed with a great venue at the Prince Bandroom, and having featured in The Star expect the vast Malaysian community in Melbourne to converge in St Kilda to catch the likes of Hujan, Liyana Fizi (Of Estrella), the Pilgrimz, Bedroom Sanctuary, Kugiran D’Tepi Pantai,Broken Scar and the various indie acts in Victoria who are showcasing and competing for the affections of those in attendance with their talent.

One of the bands performing that has caught the glimpse of shriekingmonkeys is Super Metronome. Having a preview of the two tracks found on their Myspace, their sound is reminiscent of Miami Horror and Van She.  The electronic rock band is one to keep an eye on.

So if you’ve got no plans over the Easter Break, head over, and support some Malaysian Music.

It’ll be a great show.

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One response to “(Malaysian) Music Autumn Festival

  1. Juliana Amida Ibrahim ⋅

    I wish I was there to cheer for my brother. Go Super Metronome!!

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