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Senyum Kambing

The man grinning in the picture is Dato Ibrahim Ali.

He is a Malaysian politician and the president of the extreme right wing Malay Rights movement association ‘Pribumi Perkasa Negara‘, which translated is the ‘National Mighty Indigenous’ association. The establishment of the organisation was created in the principal of defending Indigenous rights, and establish a platform for Malays regardless of their political affiliation to discuss the issues faced with the social economic contract and Malay rights.

Recent assemblies have  included the discussion of issues such as regulating a proper method to tie a sarong, enacting an act for all Malays to wave a keris upon meeting a minority, upholding Malay identity with accordance of the  3R concept “Rogol, Rempit Rasuah“, and a debate from their youth subdivision about the topic “You can Drink and take Drugs, but Pork will burn your intestines.” (these activities, based on factless yet imaginative, calculated assumptions).

Ibrahim Ali appeared on Al Jazeera’s piece recently to voice the Malay perspective on the issue of minority discrimination in Malaysia with the current policies withstanding in Malaysian legislation:

“Don’t talk shit” was the most spirited, and valid response he could stutter. His dissatisfaction and intellectual reasoning in debate could be summarised in three fiery metaphorical words – not to splutter out faeces when your mouth opens. And yes, he said it three times, to clearly put in our minds (especially the minority population in Malaysia):

“Don’t fuck with Ibrahim Ali.”

We understand that in television editing, the producers or journalist would select the responses that would suit their story angle, usually picking a extreme conservative and extreme liberal view on the issue to meet with a centrist, and unbiased viewpoint on the issue. The fact that media organisations should act in high integrity in choosing the most definitive and comprehensive arguements, leaves me cramping in laughter flabbergasted that throughout the whole interview, and throughout the rapid fired stuttering: was the best response that they could flush out this guy?

In dedication, and in parody to his strong willed attitude, we here, give you all you need to hear from Ibrahim Ali:

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5 responses to “DONTOKSHEET

  1. far18 ⋅

    I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. aimsiiee ⋅

    LOL. The last video totally cracked me up.
    Only in Malaysia do idiots get so much airtime.

  3. ariffjunior ⋅

    Original MP3 is available on request. 🙂 DONTOKSHEET.

  4. tata ⋅

    he’s a joke man haha, someone ought to make a remix on this. an electro one please. seriously.

  5. BadassDaz ⋅

    want to meet him? dad’s friend haha. he is the original badass.

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