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Jersey Freakin’ Shore


MTV has a knick for drawing up obscure yet successful reality shows from things sometimes we excuse as the triviality of  normal life. Their new production recycles themes from ‘the Real World’ and ‘Making the Band’, and throws in excessive racial stereotyping of Italian Americans and gives us ‘Jersey Shore’.

Where they’ve put a group of young, loudmouthed, obnoxious Italian Americans to live in a house in New Jersey Shore, and let the world have a taste of  the life of  ‘young Italian’s’ termed amusingly  as Guido’s and Guidette’s.

I love the show I admit, its a guilty pleasure, a ‘hate to love it’ show. I understand that a severe amount of brain cell’s die with each minute of watching the show, but who doesn’t love having a laugh at racial stereotyping.

With everyone who’s admitted watching the show, and having implying the topic to their daily conversations – with  fist pumping impersonations and added attempts of the Guido accent of course. We’ve the show to extend gratitude of showing the perfection of the fist pump, borderline homo-metrosexuality, and of course unforgettable personalities like ‘the Situation’ and Snooki.

The show does not go without controversy though, with the blatant portrayal of Italian-Americans to have greased up hair, and flawless tans. The show has angered Italian-American groups with the over excessive use of the ethnic slur ‘Guido’ and the crude inaccuracies in portraying the Italian American.

With the rampant success the show has gotten worldwide, the producers have decided a spin-off featuring Persian-Americans. Which an idea would most probably grab the Australian producers to have a local spin off with Greek-Australians Maybe?

So switch off Discovery Channel, and flip away from the news. They are unimportant compared to this phenomena, if you haven’t caught on this viral piece of intellect draining melodrama, then you’re simply not cool.

Much smarter and wiser and probably, and much more successful – But uncool.

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Founder of shriekingmonkeys - My interests span from quirky culture to anything that dares to amuse my highly-desensitized nature.

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