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Politically incorrect cheese

Its hard to think that cheese could ever give off any notion of a racist remark, its goodness when added to various dishes makes people tingle in delight in consuming such cheesy goodness such as pizza, pasta, cheese omelettes, and nachos. It’s almost God’s gift to our taste buds to such allure of a taste. However, if you walk down the aisle of your local Woolworth’s or Coles, you’ll find this packaged product of sliced heaven:

Cheese said what???

If you don’t not know, ‘Coon’ is an ethnic slur used towards African Americans and Aboriginal Australians. The origin and meaning of the slur Coon is rather ambiguous. It is usually thought to be a diminutive form of the word raccoon, which is of course a small and ugly animal. Naturally to refer to people as ‘raccoons’, is very demeaning and dehumanizes them to a large extent.

Thus,why coon is an ethnic slur.

Of course, a product could not go on sale with a name that offensively suggests that this ‘tasty’ cheese comes from a black guy.

The product is said to be named by its American founder Edward. W. Coon, of russian origin, and he patented a method, subsequently known as the Cooning process, for fast maturation of cheese via high temperature and humidity.

There is certain skepticism around the existence of Edward Coon, as he places a branding mythology like the KFC colonel, or Famous Amos (chocolate “crack” chip cookie creator). Australian Anti Racism activist Stephen Hagan has said that he has been unable to find evidence that Edward Coon was a famous cheese maker, contending that the name came instead from the black wraparound in which it was originally sold.

Whatever it is. Its cheese. And cheese is awesome. I highly disregard that a large corporation like Dairy farmers would manufacture a product that would blatantly impair a racial term and get away with it for as many years as the product has been around.

But, it’ll never stop in my opinion to be that ‘racist cheese’ which somehow I feel slightly guilty whenever I’m consuming a slice, it’s like I’m supporting such an ethnically incorrect product. But who cares, I fucking love cheese.

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